A Student’s Choices

Welcome to college – YOUR WORLD OF NEW CHOICES

Perhaps for the first time in your life, you are choosing your educational path


Choices you HAVE MADE TO DATE on your path:


What your preliminary educational goal.

What subjects you want to study.

What subjects you need to study.

What class hours are best for you.

What days you need to attend.


Choices you WILL MAKE to stay on your path:


To come to class on time and be prepared to learn.

To participate in class by asking questions and sharing your knowledge.

To seek help outside of class when needed – advisors, tutors, et al.

To follow the Professor’s classroom instructions and syllabus.

To follow school policies and procedures.

To respect everyone on campus, including yourself.


Choices you MUST MAKE to succeed on your path:


It is your education, OWN IT!

It is your future, SEIZE IT!