WD-40 – wonder stuff!

I spent some years as a caretaker for small apartment buildings. Loved the tenants and owners, hated the self-serving real estate management companies and friends of owners who felt they knew it all. I even built a good rapport with the neighbors who watched over things for me.

Good example: I worked for a doctor once. Good MD but lousy businessman. I was only charging him $ 300.00 ($ 3600.00 a year) a month for housekeeping, lawn care, snow blowing, minor repairs and some improvements. I loved the building and the kids (mostly grad students at Washington U) but most of all I loved having something to do. There would be weeks I would be there everyday.

In his stilted wisdom, my boss decided a professional landscaping firm would do a better job on the outside while the management staff would do a better job on the inside. He thought so much of them he allowed them to force him to let me go.

You know, since I left, I’ve gotten numerous calls from old tenants and neighbors complaining about how bad the places looks now. I drive by and yep, they’re right.

I feel my old boss lost respect and money replacing someone who was dedicated by narcissistic egos.

Anyway, so what has this to do with WD-40?

In my years of caretaking I found that a small can of WD-40 can save thousands of dollars on repair bills.


Keys don’t work well in locks? Spray key with WD-40 and try.

Afraid your car doors will freeze in ice storms? Spray WD-40 into the lock before the storm hits.

Scissors stick? WD-40 to the rescue.

Can opener sticks? WD-40 the gear.

Toilet handle sticks?  Remove tank lid and spray WD-40 into back of gear.

Toilet ball chain stick? WD-40 to the rescue.

Coasters on beds and furniture won’t move?  Put protection between coaster and flooring then WD-40.

Doors squeak? WD-40 the hinges – spray on top and allow to soak down. Make sure floor covering is protected before you do.

If it has moving parts that won’t move then use your finger to spray WD-40 before you use it to call a maintenance man.

I bought a small can of WD-40 for $3.89 (I call it the purse size.) when we moved into our new apartment. I used it to lubricate the mail box lock, the door hinges, the patio door runner and lock, both bathroom toilets, and numerous other movable parts as we put things away.

I guess-timate that we saved close to $ 250.00 in maintenance charges.

I tried convincing my former boss of this but he seemed to feel paying a $ 100.00 an hour plumber’s fee was better than my idea.

I hope you’re smarter.


* WD-40 is considered flammable – DO NOT USE NEAR OPEN FLAME!

** WD-40 does drip so be careful to protect everything below the area you’re using it on.









What is an Indian Giver?

I’ve heard this phrase all my life.

“He’s an Indian Giver!”

So what is an Indian Giver?

I researched it and found several definitions, none of which met my childhood expectations of the real definition.

Per a majority of sources I read, and Indian Giver is one who gives something of value to a person with the expectation of receiving something of equal value in return. My problem with that is, Native Peoples didn’t have a gold standard or other monetary system so who defined the values?

If a man has something stuck between two teeth and it’s driving him crazy, does a toothpick have the same value to me as to him?

When the Europeans invaded the Americas, the Native Peoples, true to their values offered them gifts of greeting with the expectation of equal gifts of value in thanks. See a problem here? If you said “communications” you’d be right on.

I’m guessing that the Europeans didn’t understand this giving concept and if they did, they were placing values on the gifts based on the their own standards. An example would be an Eagle’s Feather (Bald Eagle), to a Native person this would be a very sacred gift but to a European it was probably seen as a black and white feather.

Are you following me yet?

OK, so let’s hypothesize: The Native places an extremely high value on the feather so he has a high expectation of the value of the gift the European gives in return. The European, on the other hand places little value on the feather so he may give a rock in return. Not good etiquette! Insult time!

The European is allegedly practicing Indian Giving by not trading for equal value. All sounds plausible from a European’s point of view however my Grandmother had a better and, at least in my mind much more plausible explanation.

“An Indian Giver is someone who gives to the People knowing he can to steal it and more back at first opportunity!”

If you look at the history of the European’s treatment of the Native Peoples you will probably see it through her eyes too.







Sunday Morning thoughts

This ever happen to you?

You’re a kid playing outside when all of a sudden one of your parents comes up and starts yelling at you.

“Don’t you ever do that again!”

Umm, what did I do?

“You know what you did and if you do it again”


Got my butt wailed on a few times for not knowing what I did but knowing I was supposed to know what I did.

I’ve had a similar ongoing situation with members of my family about just such a situation. They reject me but either cannot or will not explain their position.

Perhaps I did do some terrible things in my life, PTSD does do that to people but that doesn’t explain why so many people feel so self righteous about judging others sans explanation.

If I wronged you, I’m sorry. If you’re not adult enough to accept that, you should be sorry.

My point in all this is, LEARN TO COMMUNICATE PEOPLE!

Silence – Yelling – Screaming – Berating – Shunning – Accusing – Over talking (shouting the other person down)

and more are not forms of communication.

If someone hurt you, tell them in a calm, collected voice how you are offended and, more importantly how you truly feel about it. Maybe it won’t cure the entire problem but at least it will make YOU feel better.

If you love that person and want them in your life, say so. If not, quietly turn your back and walk away but remember, if you walk away be sure it’s what you want because you can never go back.

In some Native People’s communities a pipe(Canunpa or Peace Pipe)  may be lit calling for open discussion. To me, this is a form of communal commitment to speak freely without fear of reprisal. Only the person holding the pipe may speak but the elder(s) have control of the situation to prevent overly negative interactions.

As I don’t smoke anymore, I feel the use of a Peace Candle or some other form of signal might be used to call everyone to council. Once in council, a Talking Stick may be used in place of a pipe.

Now Talking Sticks don’t actually stand up and do oral dissertations, they kind of just lay there waiting for their owner to pick them up. Did you get the part about “owner”? Damn good idea, right? So here’s the deal, each member of the family, community, etc., makes her/his own talking stick which can be no longer than 18″, (No size bullies allowed.) which they decorate in their own manner (remember, “G” audience here).

Here’s the scenario:

The person wishing to talk will light the Peace candle and place it in the center of a table, preferably the kitchen table. She/he will then lay her/his Talking Stick in front of it denoting an issue to discuss. Everyone will gather at the table as soon as possible. ONLY the Talking Stick of the person calling the council will be used and that person must start the council by holding it for all to see and presenting the issue to be discussed.

The key to making this work is to remember that ONLY the person holding the Talking Stick may speak. If someone has a question or needs an explanation, they may and, more importantly must ask permission to speak. If permission is granted, the Talking Stick must be passed to this person.

Sounds very complex but I’ve found it can work well with kids. Some adults need to learn to be kids to do it but that doesn’t mean they need to be a kid again.

Give it a shot and let me know how it works.

Papa Nyk










Editorial comment

I was surfing through sites this morning and noted a comment made by someone I know quite well. It tore at me because I find it hard to believe this person is becoming so callous.

Here it is:  “yep….Missouri is a fricking shithole anyways…seriously, just wall those fuckers off…”

Now I live in Missouri so I guess I’m one of those who needs to be walled off. For anyone who’s interested, it’s not a shithole, matter of fact it is a very nice state. The majority of people are gracious and helpful, it’s full of hardwood forests, streams, rivers and wildlife. But yes, it has issues like most cities do.

To the author of the comment, I’d like to say. Best not to judge anyone or anything until all the facts are in. I’m sure there is much you do not know about Missouri and all the people here. Might be to your advantage to remove your blinders, unplug your ears and open your heart.

Please do not become another Al Sharpton.


Yet another black teen shot dead by a police officer?

That’s a real emotional eye catching headline.

But, questions arise:

– why did it happen?

– why did the police officer feel so threatened he had to shoot?

– why isn’t that charlatan Al Sharpton proclaiming his rage?

– why isn’t Obama commenting?

– why was an eighteen year old black youth carrying a concealed 9 mm handgun?

– why did an eighteen year old black youth with the world ahead of him choose to point that gun at an armed police officer who was trained to shoot to kill to protect himself and the public at large?

– why does another mother have tears of sorrow for the holidays?

I do not deny the existence of racism in our world nor do I claim the knowledge of how to stop it I simply ask why can’t we?

We must all take a step back and realize that each of us has a responsibility to live peacefully on this earth. We must recognize and stop those who would disrupt peace with their self-aggrandizing words of hate and racism.

To care for and trust your neighbor is the greatest gift one can bestow upon another for we ARE ALL RELATED.





I have no words to express what I really feel about current events in NYC and the action, or lack thereof of the narcissist residing in our White House.

I pray to all that is sacred in every imaginable belief system that the two police officers brutally murdered by a racist killer motivated by the racist remarks of people such as Al Sharpton are remembered as true martyrs.

Let their names be the battle cry of honest and sane Americans of all races who respect and honor the diversity that makes America truly great.

Wake up Americans, stop letting a select few destroy what our ancestors fought so hard to build and protect. Honor the true value of each American through respect for the person.


Cry peace!