Yet another black teen shot dead by a police officer?

That’s a real emotional eye catching headline.

But, questions arise:

– why did it happen?

– why did the police officer feel so threatened he had to shoot?

– why isn’t that charlatan Al Sharpton proclaiming his rage?

– why isn’t Obama commenting?

– why was an eighteen year old black youth carrying a concealed 9 mm handgun?

– why did an eighteen year old black youth with the world ahead of him choose to point that gun at an armed police officer who was trained to shoot to kill to protect himself and the public at large?

– why does another mother have tears of sorrow for the holidays?

I do not deny the existence of racism in our world nor do I claim the knowledge of how to stop it I simply ask why can’t we?

We must all take a step back and realize that each of us has a responsibility to live peacefully on this earth. We must recognize and stop those who would disrupt peace with their self-aggrandizing words of hate and racism.

To care for and trust your neighbor is the greatest gift one can bestow upon another for we ARE ALL RELATED.




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