Editorial comment

I was surfing through sites this morning and noted a comment made by someone I know quite well. It tore at me because I find it hard to believe this person is becoming so callous.

Here it is:  “yep….Missouri is a fricking shithole anyways…seriously, just wall those fuckers off…”

Now I live in Missouri so I guess I’m one of those who needs to be walled off. For anyone who’s interested, it’s not a shithole, matter of fact it is a very nice state. The majority of people are gracious and helpful, it’s full of hardwood forests, streams, rivers and wildlife. But yes, it has issues like most cities do.

To the author of the comment, I’d like to say. Best not to judge anyone or anything until all the facts are in. I’m sure there is much you do not know about Missouri and all the people here. Might be to your advantage to remove your blinders, unplug your ears and open your heart.

Please do not become another Al Sharpton.


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