WD-40 – wonder stuff!

I spent some years as a caretaker for small apartment buildings. Loved the tenants and owners, hated the self-serving real estate management companies and friends of owners who felt they knew it all. I even built a good rapport with the neighbors who watched over things for me.

Good example: I worked for a doctor once. Good MD but lousy businessman. I was only charging him $ 300.00 ($ 3600.00 a year) a month for housekeeping, lawn care, snow blowing, minor repairs and some improvements. I loved the building and the kids (mostly grad students at Washington U) but most of all I loved having something to do. There would be weeks I would be there everyday.

In his stilted wisdom, my boss decided a professional landscaping firm would do a better job on the outside while the management staff would do a better job on the inside. He thought so much of them he allowed them to force him to let me go.

You know, since I left, I’ve gotten numerous calls from old tenants and neighbors complaining about how bad the places looks now. I drive by and yep, they’re right.

I feel my old boss lost respect and money replacing someone who was dedicated by narcissistic egos.

Anyway, so what has this to do with WD-40?

In my years of caretaking I found that a small can of WD-40 can save thousands of dollars on repair bills.


Keys don’t work well in locks? Spray key with WD-40 and try.

Afraid your car doors will freeze in ice storms? Spray WD-40 into the lock before the storm hits.

Scissors stick? WD-40 to the rescue.

Can opener sticks? WD-40 the gear.

Toilet handle sticks?  Remove tank lid and spray WD-40 into back of gear.

Toilet ball chain stick? WD-40 to the rescue.

Coasters on beds and furniture won’t move?  Put protection between coaster and flooring then WD-40.

Doors squeak? WD-40 the hinges – spray on top and allow to soak down. Make sure floor covering is protected before you do.

If it has moving parts that won’t move then use your finger to spray WD-40 before you use it to call a maintenance man.

I bought a small can of WD-40 for $3.89 (I call it the purse size.) when we moved into our new apartment. I used it to lubricate the mail box lock, the door hinges, the patio door runner and lock, both bathroom toilets, and numerous other movable parts as we put things away.

I guess-timate that we saved close to $ 250.00 in maintenance charges.

I tried convincing my former boss of this but he seemed to feel paying a $ 100.00 an hour plumber’s fee was better than my idea.

I hope you’re smarter.


* WD-40 is considered flammable – DO NOT USE NEAR OPEN FLAME!

** WD-40 does drip so be careful to protect everything below the area you’re using it on.









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