I hate plumbing bills.

Ever had this happen to you?

You’re taking a shower and all of a sudden you notice your feet are standing in four inches of water.

OMG, the sewer is backing up!!!

Pssst, over here. No, the sewer is not backing up. Your drain is clogged.

What do you do?

Call the plumber of course!!!

At $ 125.00 an hour during business hours? Thank your lucky stars it’s Sunday and the fee is only $ 250.00 an hour.

Like that’s going to happen in my house!

Meet the Zip-It – less than $ 5.00 at Home Depot, Menards or Lowe’s.

Stick this puppy between the grates in the drain,push it in until you meet solid resistance, twist a little and pull out all that hair that has accumulated in your drain. Surprise, your drain works now! Of course if your kid stuffed his old teddy bear down the drain, you might want to reconsider calling the plumber.


You might want to consider using this baby once a month in all your drains. It’s called preventative maintenance.

I am so stupid!

People are posting happy thoughts about Obama wanting to give federal employees extra benefits for being pregnant or sick.

I asked who they thought would pay for it, they said the government.

Guess the government has a secret money tree cause I thought they got their money from the taxpayers.

Dumb me.

Proud to be an American

I am proud to be an American.

I am ashamed of the narcissist sitting in the Oval Office of the Peoples White House.

I wonder if he would feel the same about Islamic Jihadist murderers if one of his daughters was kidnapped, raped and made the bride of a perfect stranger who, in his perverted sense of the true Islam plans to keep her pregnant so that he can sire more boys to shoot defenseless people in the back of the head.

As a president you are a complete disgrace.

When are you going to stop lying and tell the truth about your involvement, and suspected strong belief in radical Islam?

When are you going to stop lying about working with the duly elected congress to make our country something to be proud of and secure in?

Obama, be a man, stop your obstructionist tactics, admit you’re a failure and resign.



A Proud American.








Karate Koon

full (1)Back in 2001, I was living in this run down motel – you can see the door to my room under the carport. It wasn’t the best place to live but was better than the basement of a so called buddy who turned out to be a drug dealer.

Directly behind this motel you can see a tree line over a small creek inhabited by numerous relatives such as possums, snakes, spiders, voles and best of all raccoons. At night, I could hear them prowling around under the carport so I started leaving little bits of food out for them. At first only one or two would come by but word spread and soon enough I have nine every evening. My favorite was Karate Koon.

full (18) Meet Karate Koon. Not sure whether he was trying to high-five me or give me a good chop but he was upset. He settled down and I put out a bowl of dog food for him. Also had to put out a bowl of water because raccoons like to moisten their food before eating it. Some say they’re washing it and that could be true also but since no one has gotten a direct answer from a raccoon when asking this question, we’ll go with – who knows why they do it?

One night, as I was watching some of the raccoons feed I noticed one staying up along the hedgerow seemingly afraid to come eat. I watched her for a while then realized both he front arms were broken. She couldn’t pick up food to eat.

I called a friend of mine who is an expert on raccoons who brought me a live trap cage and told me how to trap my injured friend. The first night I put it out all the other raccoons avoided it except for Miss Star (yep, I named her) who went directly into the cage as though she knew I was trying to help.

I brought Miss Star into my room, fed her and made sure she had fresh water for the night. In the morning my friend came by to pick her up and take her to the veterinarian who confirmed my suspicions about her arms being fractured. The veterinarian surgically repaired Miss Star’s arms and my friend paid for any extra expenses and kept her until her wounds healed.

When Miss Star was returned to me, she was feisty but actually appeared grateful. The minute I opened the cage she was gone into the woods. I didn’t see her again for quite a while then one evening just as the sun was setting and the other raccoons were feeding, I noticed movement in the bushes across from my door.

Miss Star gradually appeared from under the bushes and look me squarely in the eye and if to say, “I’m back old man.” As she headed for the feeding and water bowls I had set out she was following by five very cautious little ones. Miss Star had babies!!!!!

full (20)

There were no words to exchange between us but I know what she was thinking.

“Old man, thank you. I want my babies to meet you and know they are safe here.”


Mitekuye Oyasin

We are truly all related.

Don’t turn you back on animals. Look at them, listen to them, learn from them but most of all love them.




Obstructionism at its worst.

Our new congress is barely installed and a new Speaker of the House elected when wham, the Emperor of the USA (hail Obama) says he’ll veto this and he’ll veto that and yet claims he wants to work with OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS.

I’m beginning to think Obama is related to that Imam, Choudry in his thinking and narcissism.

How can we, a democratic republic ask anyone else in this world to follow out lead in democracy when we have an autocratic president and a congress that can’t get along with their own parties let alone the opposition.

I was listening to a commentator on TV the other day who said any thought of ousting Obama would make every black person in the US rise up and riot.

Now that was about the most racist comment I’ve heard since Sharpton last opened his mouth. Every black person I know has his/her own opinion and is entitled to voice it. Some black people I know like Obama and some don’t – wow, what a concept! If I’m not wrong, I think it’s called Freedom of Choice?

In my opinion, the democratic party got Obama into office by playing on the black voter. It backfired in their faces. Rather than get an Uncle Tom, they got an incompetent narcissist who has a measurable anti-American attitude.  Now it’s the Republicans turn to get it right but almost the first words out of Obama’s mouth to welcome the new Congress his use of the word “Veto” is heard. Sounds to me like he wants to work with the ELECTED OFFICIALS of our country long enough to stamp “VETO” on everything they do.

Now, if you feel I’m ranting, raving and mixing up issues, you’re right. I’m learning to be a politician.




Sean Hannity v Anjem Choudary

Let me begin with what can one say to the loved ones of those murdered in Paris and elsewhere in the name of Islam and/or The Prophet. I cannot imagine your pain but do wish I could take some from you.

May you all be blessed and reunited in the next life.

Now, as to the recent exchange between Sean Hannity of Fox News and Anjem Choudary, an Imam.

Sean, you lost this one. You lost it by lowering your standards to the level of a narcissistic psychopath hell-bent on becoming something he’s not qualified for – a representative of Allah.

You called him an “evil SOB” then shut him down effectively denying him “Freedom of Speech”.

As difficult as it is to do, if we want Freedom of Speech we must grant it to others, even those who disagree with us.

My suggestion would be to inform all guests that they have x number of minutes to present their side BUT, as the program is rated General Audience you reserve the right to edit per acceptable FCC standards. Put a timer in the corner of the screen so viewers can know when to shut off the diatribes of false prophets etc., and when to turn the sound back on.

We need to remain true to our belief in Freedom of Speech for everyone. If we cannot do that, we are a failure as a civilized nation.