Obstructionism at its worst.

Our new congress is barely installed and a new Speaker of the House elected when wham, the Emperor of the USA (hail Obama) says he’ll veto this and he’ll veto that and yet claims he wants to work with OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS.

I’m beginning to think Obama is related to that Imam, Choudry in his thinking and narcissism.

How can we, a democratic republic ask anyone else in this world to follow out lead in democracy when we have an autocratic president and a congress that can’t get along with their own parties let alone the opposition.

I was listening to a commentator on TV the other day who said any thought of ousting Obama would make every black person in the US rise up and riot.

Now that was about the most racist comment I’ve heard since Sharpton last opened his mouth. Every black person I know has his/her own opinion and is entitled to voice it. Some black people I know like Obama and some don’t – wow, what a concept! If I’m not wrong, I think it’s called Freedom of Choice?

In my opinion, the democratic party got Obama into office by playing on the black voter. It backfired in their faces. Rather than get an Uncle Tom, they got an incompetent narcissist who has a measurable anti-American attitude.  Now it’s the Republicans turn to get it right but almost the first words out of Obama’s mouth to welcome the new Congress his use of the word “Veto” is heard. Sounds to me like he wants to work with the ELECTED OFFICIALS of our country long enough to stamp “VETO” on everything they do.

Now, if you feel I’m ranting, raving and mixing up issues, you’re right. I’m learning to be a politician.




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