Sean Hannity v Anjem Choudary

Let me begin with what can one say to the loved ones of those murdered in Paris and elsewhere in the name of Islam and/or The Prophet. I cannot imagine your pain but do wish I could take some from you.

May you all be blessed and reunited in the next life.

Now, as to the recent exchange between Sean Hannity of Fox News and Anjem Choudary, an Imam.

Sean, you lost this one. You lost it by lowering your standards to the level of a narcissistic psychopath hell-bent on becoming something he’s not qualified for – a representative of Allah.

You called him an “evil SOB” then shut him down effectively denying him “Freedom of Speech”.

As difficult as it is to do, if we want Freedom of Speech we must grant it to others, even those who disagree with us.

My suggestion would be to inform all guests that they have x number of minutes to present their side BUT, as the program is rated General Audience you reserve the right to edit per acceptable FCC standards. Put a timer in the corner of the screen so viewers can know when to shut off the diatribes of false prophets etc., and when to turn the sound back on.

We need to remain true to our belief in Freedom of Speech for everyone. If we cannot do that, we are a failure as a civilized nation.



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