Proud to be an American

I am proud to be an American.

I am ashamed of the narcissist sitting in the Oval Office of the Peoples White House.

I wonder if he would feel the same about Islamic Jihadist murderers if one of his daughters was kidnapped, raped and made the bride of a perfect stranger who, in his perverted sense of the true Islam plans to keep her pregnant so that he can sire more boys to shoot defenseless people in the back of the head.

As a president you are a complete disgrace.

When are you going to stop lying and tell the truth about your involvement, and suspected strong belief in radical Islam?

When are you going to stop lying about working with the duly elected congress to make our country something to be proud of and secure in?

Obama, be a man, stop your obstructionist tactics, admit you’re a failure and resign.



A Proud American.








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