I hate plumbing bills.

Ever had this happen to you?

You’re taking a shower and all of a sudden you notice your feet are standing in four inches of water.

OMG, the sewer is backing up!!!

Pssst, over here. No, the sewer is not backing up. Your drain is clogged.

What do you do?

Call the plumber of course!!!

At $ 125.00 an hour during business hours? Thank your lucky stars it’s Sunday and the fee is only $ 250.00 an hour.

Like that’s going to happen in my house!

Meet the Zip-It – less than $ 5.00 at Home Depot, Menards or Lowe’s.

Stick this puppy between the grates in the drain,push it in until you meet solid resistance, twist a little and pull out all that hair that has accumulated in your drain. Surprise, your drain works now! Of course if your kid stuffed his old teddy bear down the drain, you might want to reconsider calling the plumber.


You might want to consider using this baby once a month in all your drains. It’s called preventative maintenance.

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