Is Obama a Christian?

Ever wonder what Pope Francis or John Paul II might say?

I don’t know but as for me, I think Obama is about as much a Christian as the Ayatollah of Iran.

I fail to understand how someone who claims to belong to a peaceful and loving faith can sit back and “study the situation” for so long while innocents are murdered.

What is going through his mind?

What was going through the mind of the teenage boys lined up against a wall and murdered (I refuse to call it executed) for watching a soccer game?

What was going on in the mind of the young child who was thrown into a hole, covered with dirt and left to slowly die?

What were the victims of beheading thinking as the knife, not a sword, not a guillotine and not an axe but a knife sliced through their skin, trachea, muscles, tendons, nerves and vertebrae?

What were the last thoughts of the brave Jordanian pilot as he smelled the accelerant on his body and watched the flames rush towards him?

Does Mr. Holier Than Thou Obama think they were all studying their situations?

So the question arises, is Obama a Christian? Many claim he is not. Many claim he is a Muslim.

My opinion is that he is neither — to think otherwise would insult both religions.

He’s a disgrace to the Oval Office and, in my opinion to all honorable black Americans.


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