Election 2016

Dear 2016 Presidential Candidate,

You have asked for my support and here are my answers:

I will not vote for you simply because you:

Belong to a political party, or not,

Are right wing, left wing or not,

Are of one race or another,

Are of one gender or another,

Are rich and famous or not,

Have a college education or not,

Have been in the military or not.

I will vote for you if you are:

Always Fair and Honest,

A strong and just leader who believes in fair laws and courts,

A firm believer in the Constitution of the United States of America and what it stands for,

A strong believer in keeping to a budget,

One who remembers and honors those who guard our country, our cities, our homes and all our relations.

One who respects other beliefs, positions and opinions and still puts America first,

One who remembers that America is the world, America is unique, America is many nations, beliefs, colors, languages and    cultures,

A person who holds close advisors with these same values,

A person who not only listens to but actually hears Americans.

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