Election 2016

Why, when I hear the name Hillary do I think of the name Richard?

Why, when I think of Hillary Clinton being president do I think of Richard Nixon.

Neither is/was qualified morally to lead America.

Both have committed crimes against the Constitution and the People of America.

Notice I’ve not mention Obama? Notice Hillary is not really (ahem) mentioning Obama?

I think it’s sad that people are parading around saying it’s time for a woman president. Is there something I’ve missed about women? Do having fallopian tubes, a womb and mammary glans qualify a person to be a better president, or not?

Stupid me, all these years I’ve been thinking it’s intelligence, management skills, honesty, diplomacy and commitment to the values of the Constitutions of America that make a good president. (There’s more but you get the idea.)

Now wait, I think I’ve got this part right, either a woman or a man can have those qualities? Am I right?

So, in my humble opinion I think we had best forget about the Nixons, Clintons, Obamas and the “Time for a woman president” philosophy and elect a damn good president regardless of chromosomes.

I want the best PERSON our country has to offer and I want a better way to evict that person from OUR WHITE HOUSE if he/she does not follow the Constitution, obey all laws and remember who he/she works for!

ps: Same holds for out senators and congressmen/women.


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