To Lil Otter


May your mind be well-honed as the keen edged knife,

Ever ready to cut the bonds of ignorance and hatred.

May your voice be strong as the mighty bow,

That your words, arrows of wisdom may fly honest and true.

May your armor be the love forged in the hearts of your parents

And burnished by all your family bonds.

May your lance be the stylus you use to inscribe worthy knowledge

Of those who once were and lessons for those to come.

May your banner speak of honor, generosity and acceptance

For all who may walk beside you.

May your fortress be a haven for all who would seek it,

For we are all your relations born with hopes, dreams and imperfections.


Remember this – You were created in love, you will live with love, you must share love.

Mitakuye Oy’asin

We Are All Related

With love from your adopted American Gran-papa









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