Hyperbole at it’s best!

“I am very confident that America is stronger, more prosperoussafer, and more influential today than it was when I took office.” ala Obama.


Hey Obama, yes, we’re stronger, we have to be because of your egotistical, incompetent management and leadership.

You pat yourself on the back with the hand that drew our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq while you use the other to search for explanations to justify the birth of Isis and other Radical Muslim Jihadist groups. 

You berate the police for killing in legitimate self-defense while you are mute when they are murdered in cold blood.

Are we more prosperous?” Well the drug dealers, gun dealers and golf clubs are thanks to you. Imagine this, if we could strengthen and enforce our borders would there be a decrease in drug crimes committed against law enforcement and innocent civilians? 

SAFER? If you believe that, why do you have an army of security guards around you, your wife and your kids? Dude, we’re “safer” now, you don’t need all that. Damn save us some money so we can be more prosperous!

“More influential” – You got this one right. You, and you alone made sure the Oval Office was the worst influence in the world. If that remark wasn’t so absurd it would almost be funny.

Your influence has turned black against all other ethnic groups in the US.

Your influence has been instrumental in the horrible progress of Isis and other Radical Muslim groups. I’m curious, which groups did you promise to marry your daughter’s off to, or are you sending one to North Korea and One to Iran? 

How many more innocent civilians and honest police officers have to die because of your racist/anti-police influence?

Curious, is Sharpton really that good in bed that you have him to the WH all the time? Hell, Clinton had Monica, why can’t you have Sharpton?

I predict two events before your last day in office:

1. You will turn against Hillary and destroy her candidacy for another, most probably black woman candidate.

2. Your last day may come much sooner than expected but it won’t be caused by anything physically done to you. It will be caused by the many illegal things you have, and continue to do.

Despite all your lies and bravado, your legacy will be one of a traitor to the American people.


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