“I cannot tell a lie!”

I’ve been trying not to listen to the election coverage on the news lately. It’s boring hearing about all those polls, all those claims and all of Hillary’s denials!

Whoa, wait a minute, Hillary hasn’t said much of anything lately. Unless I’m wrong, I believe that to deny something you need to express that denial in some way, shape or form but she refuses to communicate. Heard today when Bill was asked a question about the Clinton Foundation he said something to the effect of – “I only work there!”. The commentator referred to that statement as Bill having been given a gag order by Hillary. (God I love Fox news.)

Anyway, back to my main topic, the Princess refuses to speak to her underlings or testify in front of her peers. Why do I hear a voice from the clouds saying, “Let them eat cake!”?

I guess there are two ways of looking at Hillary’s refusal to give interviews or make statements:

1. She thinks she’s above the rest of us and, like her soon to be backstabbing buddy Obama she is not to be held accountable for her actions. I don’t wanna and you can’t make me either – hah!

2. She is terrified of saying something like, “What does it matter?”, We were Under Sniper Fire”, “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” (Monica Lewinsky was the spy doing oral surveillance for the Republicans), overcharge Russian “Reset Button”, and having “imaginary chats with Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi”. 

Whatever the case I hope people wake up and come to realize that she is not only playing a game with her opposition for the presidency but she is playing one with each and every voter. She’s conditioning voters to accept her decisions and actions sans question. She doesn’t want to be another Obama, whom she secretly hates, she wants to be Hillary the Magnificent – Catherine the Great, Elizabeth I and Cleopatra all in one. She doesn’t want to bring back the Clinton era she wants to overshadow it and all others with the Hillary era.

On numerous occasions, Hillary has stated she believes in transparency in government. I suggest everyone rush to the nearest dictionary and look up two words: transparent and transparency. After you’ve read the definitions, ask yourself if they describe Hillary now.

The voters of America made a mistake when they elected Obama for a second term, I hope they don’t make one electing Hillary for a first.

Personally I won’t vote for a specific gender, party or look – I will  vote for someone I trust to do the job that needs doing to make American strong again.




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