My Battle

Warm, sultry dusk

Mist forms o’er reflective lake

Whisper of juniper ascending.


Sun a memory, Moon yet hidden

Fireflies, tiny stars twinkle and glow

Their dance mirrored cross silent waters.


I sit upon roughhewn throne

Whilst thought does storm and rage

Defiance my sword, denial my shield

I give battle to that which assails me.


What is this challenge so potent in manner,

That I fear my very being weaken,

My spirit doth seek release?


Do I harden myself to mystery,

Or surrender, accepting what may be

Even if it be your love?



Was It A Dream?

Was it a dream?

An essence of lavender

Adrift upon a moonlit breeze.

Did lips touch velvet petals kissed

By the tears of fairies?


So true my senses awakened

A memory of what was,

An image of what is,

A hope for what will be?


To hear a vision

To taste a dream

To hold a spirit

A scent of passion.


What substance be love

That it hold so strong

Bound fast

No longing for freedom.


Would that all

Cursed so be

Bonds so pure

Unto eternity.

My Prayer For You

I once prayed for a friend

Someone strong to the end.

My weakness to shield

When spirit did yield.

With weapons of wisdom

Forged in life’s maelstrom.

Stand to the fore

Against inner war.

Did fend off delusion

To shatter confusion.

Darkness of night

Defeated by light.

Hope now my sword

Life’s passion restored.

I am you,

You are me,

We are one.

My prayer is for us.

A Smile

Trouble laden

I challenged the night

Free my thoughts

As well I might.


Through shadow mist

My nomadic mind

Sought reprieve

Pain left behind.


No light of lamp

Nor glow of dawn

Beset my path

As I trod on.


On ebony cowled bridge

As strength did fade

Echoes of life

Near me bade.


Thoughts once stone

Rendered by mist

Silence broken

Now tender kissed.


From the shadows

Velvet glow

Serene vision

Arose to show.


A smile

Beacon of hope

A smile

Promise of tomorrow


A smile

Your smile!

I Am a Seed!

I am a seed

I carry DNA of my ancestors

I bring hope for tomorrow

I am a seed.

You are a seed

You carry within you dreams of your ancestors

You bring knowledge and love

You are a seed.


We are seeds

Together a garden begins

New life emerges

We are plants.

We are plants

We turn our faces to the sun

We smile in its radiant glow.

We are flowers.


The bees visit

Pollen we share

We begin anew

New seeds appear

Our DNA combined

Our dreams become one

New hope for tomorrow.


Seeds of our union – become our future.