What is a gun?

Every time someone goes on a rampage with a gun, the ultra politicals scream – BAN GUNS – GUNS KILL PEOPLE

I have a lot experience in emergency medical services and investigations and to be honest, I have never heard nor seen a “gun” kill anything. I have, however seen “people” use guns to kill animals, fish, burds, bugs, a metal canoe and a few innocent rocks and trees.

To me, a gun is an inanimate piece of well engineered metal designed for one specific purpose – to shoot a bullet.

A gun is unable to load its own ammunition, cock its own hammer and pull its own trigger.

You know, that sounds like other manmade things like a washing machine, dryer, oven, car, safety deposit box, drive a car and the list goes on – we load, we lock and we initiate purposeful action.

I suggest to everyone that we ban all devices and activities that require human actions and control be banned! They’re dangerous! Every damn one of them.

Guns do not kill people – people kill people.

Reckless and careless people kill people.

Insane people kill people.

People with anger management kill people.

Criminals kill people.

I believe the push against our second amendment rights to bear arms is an attempt by radicals to disarm our country and make it easy prey for a take over.

During this presidency, I have seen flagrant evidence of an attempt to divide our nation on political and racial grounds.

Disarm the people. (Hard to win a gunfight with a knife)

Restructure to courts. (Too many conservatives make for a bad revolution)

Minimize the military (Can’t fight a war without troops and weapons)

Pit race against race. (Obama, Clinton, Sharpton, et al against the other thousands of races in America)

Disregard our laws and define ones own. (Executive orders)

Weaken our borders (ISIS claims they have a nuclear weapon they plan to smuggle into the USA via our weakened southern border.)


Am I saying there’s a plot by ultra left wing radicals to overthrow our government?

No, I’m asking you what you think it is!

Let me know what you think.








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