Sven & Inga

Sven and Inga are an old Swedish couple who immigrated to America when they were young. Now in retirement, they live a quiet life on the farm they bought and worked for fifty plus years while raising four children – two boys and two girls, all grown and out on their own.

One day Inga comes home from shopping and says to Sven:

“Sven my love, I heard at the grocer today that Hilda, the daughter of the owner is an ultra-left wing feminist activist who is trying to destroy the right wing conservatives in America. She put up a big sign on the side of the grocer’s building that says, ‘Women Rule!’”

“I don’t understand this Sven, would you please explain it to me?”

“Inga my darling, it’s really very simple.”

“The ultra-left wingers think they are right about everything and the ultra-conservatives think they too are right about everything. You add that up and it seems both think the other wrong but since two wrongs don’t make a right, there can be no right or left.”

“Remember love, a horse with only left legs will never win a race nor plow a field.”


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