It’s Our Flag


I just read an article stating the academic intelligentsia in California are insisting all American Flags be removed from the campuses as they might insult immigrants.

I’m no psychological expert but seems to me the depth of ignorance displayed in that idea is beyond the abysmal.

Now I’ll repeat myself and say this. Whether the immigrants chose to come to America or were forced to by situations in their homelands, we welcomed them.

If hungry, we fed them.

If naked, we clothed them.

If homeless, we housed them.

If sick, we healed them.

If illiterate, we educated them.

We give them freedoms of speech, movement, choice and much more.

Is it really too much for us to expect them to honor our flag, the flag that has been and international symbol for these freedoms? The flag that has been carried by American Indians, African Americans, European Americans, Middle Eastern Americans, Asian Americans, Scandinavian Americans and yes, even Russian Americans in battle defending the freedoms immigrants seek to enjoy.

Have mistakes been made? Yes

Have our freedoms been abused? Yes

Are we an imperfect country? Yes

Can we improve? Yes

Will removing our flag solve help solve the problems? No

If our National Emblem insults you, please let me know, I’ll be more than happy to help you pack and do my best to get you back to the perfect country you came from.

If you remain, please show respect for the flag that welcomed you to new freedoms.



Papa Nyk


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