The Scale is Broken

The Scale is Broken.


I arose this day

Sleep still lingers

To face again

Life’s foul fingers.


I begin to stand

My bed still warm.

Something amiss

Change to my form.


My left eye wanders

Other sees night.

Right arm has flown

Tis nowhere in sight.


In panic I dash

Straight for the door

Right leg missing

I’m down on the floor


No pain do I feel

As in defeat I fall.

Desperately grasping

No rail on the wall.


My vision impaired

No sword can I wield

Powerless to progress

A fool on the field.


Now in failure

A struggle to survive

Those we misled

Aware that we lied.


We sought high throne

Our back to the door.

Forgetting the wisdom

Democracy’s core.

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