College Comp II

“Using a one word title, write a 300 word essay describing your writing.”



How do I describe myself as a writer? There can be only one answer – “Me”. Ideas, words, images and movement are all from me. It is “Me” that seeks to create drama, humor, pathos, illusion and yes, reality too. It is “Me” wanting to share the stories of my life, the legends of my beliefs and the promises of my tomorrow.

    When I begin to write, I delve deep into the essence that is “Me”, there to find that one small seed of inspiration I must nurture. Seizing upon its potential, I plant the seed into my field of words and water it with the dew of my visions. As it grows, unfolding before me, roots of comprehension appear anchoring my concept to a story while tendrils of emotions grasp the reader drawing him deep, ever deeper into the wellspring of my mind.

    As if a symphony written on the clouds, the reader will surrender to the text and be carried to far away realms of space and time. For some it will be the slaying of a dragon and for others perhaps observing amber rafts afloat on the river of “Me”. But for all it must be the ascending of the mind and emotions to a pinnacle, there to embrace images my words portray.

    Perhaps one day, when my spirit has taken its final walk in this world, someone somewhere will say, “I need to get another copy of his works, this one has worn thin and frail from use.”

What a legacy that would be, for the story has come from “Me”!

The story has become “Me”!

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