Ode to Spring

Winter nights

Long spells of darkness

Souls may wither

A longing for sun.


Winter days

Sun’s deception

Bitter chill assails

Elusive warmth


Frail the spirit

Forlorn, lost to sorrow

Weak it hungers

A soul’s plea.


Yearning for rebirth

Seeking life’s renewal

Discarded heart

A longing, a need.


Once thought never

Again revives

A seed called love

Spring arrives.




The day I was born,

I began to learn.

The more the learned,

The more I knew.

The more I knew,

The more I could do.

The more I could do,

The more I grew.

The more I grew,

The more I yearned.

The more I yearned,

The more I learned.

The more I learned,

The more I became.

The more I became,

The more I changed.

The more I changed,

The more I overcame.

Only death can stop me,

Or can it?

Still Water

Maelstrom besets me

Hidden shadow memories

Emerging images

A time long past

Yet still to come

Faces in still water.


Mistakes made

Pain inflicted

Wounded hearts

Forgiveness an illusion?

Afloat on still water.


Dawn approaches

Spirits wake

Yesterday’s tomorrow is now

How many more?

I long to drift on still water

One day beyond tomorrow.

Thunder Spirit

Thunder spirit we hear your cry,

Raging, roiling through twilight sky.

Challenge demons of the night,

Summoning all, behold your might.


Thunder spirit show the way,

Lead our children at end of day.

Council fires to hear the lore,

Told of heroes gone before.


Thunder spirit teach them true,

That they may walk noble path with you.

Let humility in triumph be their call,

That they will know mercy for those who did fall.


Thunder spirit, wise and strong,

Keep your people safe from wrong.

Instill devotion they may share,

Your bounty of love with those in their care.

No Tears Tomorrow

Alone I trod unbeaten path,

Burdened low by sorrow,

As I wander lost in time,

I’ll cry my tears tomorrow.


Each new day, I face the sun,

Longing for an answer,

Was I right, was I wrong,

Eating me like cancer.


Imperfect thoughts a troubled sea

Reasons beyond my reach,

For I longed to learn,

What life had failed to teach.


Only sad memories now remain,

The pleasant all gone dust,

But I will go on, I’ll do my best,

To learn of love and trust.


For at days end I’ll face my fears,

And erase all my sorrow,

I’ll stand tall, I’ll shout to all,

I’ll cry no tears tomorrow! 

Cost of a Tear

Today a tear came to my eye,

Just one little tear my want not to cry.

It glittered like crystal as it grew in form

A raindrop of emotion in a life of storm.

What cost a tear?

Was price too dear?

Today a tear came to my eye,

A single reminder of things gone by.

An abundance of love I once knew,

Shared of myself with only so few.

What cost a tear?

To liberate of self from what I did fear?

Today a tear came to my eye,

A memory I’ll keep until I die.

It spoke of a future built on the past

A monument to tolerance – designed to last.

With bricks of forgiveness, and mortar of love

It will soar to the heavens highest above.

For the cost of a tear

New life may be earned.


I am your love

You chose me

Of all the others you chose me


You are my love

I chose you

From all the others I chose you


You were one

I was one

Now we are two



May all our choices be so perfect!