My Dream

My Dream – My Reality

Recently I had a very unusual yet comforting dream. I’m in an expansive, unfurnished room with high stamped metal ceiling and well worn, plank hardwood floor that creaked as I walked. Large, double hung windows, some with arched transoms literally covered the walls on all sides making me wonder what held the roof up. Looking out the windows I could see the tops of trees and the glow of the setting sun on the horizon. It was all very reminiscent of Adams Grade School in Minneapolis, where I attended first and second grades. Scary building, even scarier teacher.

Without warning, I’m outside alone, walking through a stand of bald white birch trees. The calm air is brisk and filled with the smells of autumn. The only sounds I hear are my boots crushing the multi-colored carpet of fall leaves. It’s peaceful!

My reverie is broken by the appearance of a large dark cloud above me. Is it going to rain? I look to the sky – the cloud is a shadow that hovers over me. It’s a big bird and he’s not from Sesame Street. His enormous wing span, crest, shape and prominent black talons tell me it’s a raptor. A silver colored eagle on steroids with a wing span large enough to shade Chicago is hanging fifty feet above me! Am I wrong for thinking this is unusual?

He’s gazing intently at a nest in a rather small white birch tree directly in front of him. As I watched, another silver eagle lands on a second nest in the tree. How odd I thought, there are two nests in the same tree? Avian apartment complex or condo?

No time to explore my thoughts of the nests, there’s something nudging my right lower leg. My gaze chases the nudge to a fluffy bundle of white and grey fur staring up at me through the brightest yellow-gold eyes I’ve ever seen. Awwwwww, a wolf pup -it’s so cute. Just wish it would stop rubbing its cold, wet nose on my nice silk socks.

Movement on my right – more fluff bundles. Awwww they’re adorable!!

Another form emerges from the trees behind the fur balls. It’s an ebony giant with the cold, dark stare of “are you being mean to my kids?” As her green-gold eyes drill holes in my brain all I can think is, God, I hope she’s eaten already!!! Big Mama is here! Awww, she’s scary!!

Again, an abrupt change. Now I’m in a large utility type building. There are tools and parts everywhere. It’s has a dank odor of lubricants and animals? I don’t sense any animals – no dogs, cats, giraffes, yet there is a definite feral musk permeating the air.

I edge myself along a wall looking for an exit. A door, yes, I’m out of this place. Well, as soon as the brown bear cub moves I am. Think I’ll go see what’s behind door number two. Damn, he’s got a brother! One last door and it’s?

Why am I laying on my back in a pile of dead leaves?

Why is there a large brown bear standing over me drooling on my face as she sniffs?

Would this be a good point for me to be terrified?

My alarm goes off. Time for coffee, toast, school and wondering. Was it only a dream or was it a message.

Throughout the ages, humans have attempted to understand and interpret dreams. Archeological digs in modern Iraq have uncovered cuneiform tablets inscribed with the pleas of ancient Babylonian Kings for visions to guide them in war. Looks like they won some and lost some.

In the Bible, Genesis Chapter 41, Joseph interpreted the pharaoh of Egypt’s dream of seven fat and seven lean cows as seven years of abundance followed by seven of famine. His interpretation saved the land from famine. He went from prison to palace for that one. Nice call there guy.

In early spring of 1876, weeks before the battle of the Little Big Horn, Sitting Bull, holy man of the Hunkpapa, Lakota tribe, participated in a Sundance, the most sacred of all Lakota spiritual ceremonies. During his ordeal of personal sacrifice, he received a vision of “Blue coats falling from the sky into camp…” He related this to his tribe with a warning, “Do not take scalps, or steal from the enemy dead.”

On June 25-26, 1876 General George Armstrong Custer along with 288 soldiers and scouts “fell” from their mounts under a sustained attack by the combined forces of Lakota, Cheyenne and other allied warriors.

The first part of Sitting Bull’s vision came true. Unfortunately, members of the various tribes did not heed his warning about taking from the dead. Within a year, the second portion was also realized when avenging forces of the U.S. Cavalry had either captured, killed or driven the remaining Lakota people north into Canadian exile. They should have listened to all of Sitting Bull’s dream, it was real!

So, are dreams for real? Are they message or entertainment? While researching for this paper, I discovered that modern science has no concrete explanation for dreams or their meanings. Interpretation is left to the dreamer.

Personally, I prefer to accept the common Native American belief that dreams/visions are real. They guide, teach and, when necessary punish us.

So what do I think my dreams mean to me?

The old building was sent to remind me of lessons past and yet to come. I am told that despite being older, I still have room to learn and share knowledge.

The bald white birch trees shed their leaves every year in hopes of renewing the next. They do not mourn their loss but rather rejoice in the knowledge that from something old, comes something new. They await the sleeping time when the white blanket of snow will cover them that they may rest for the new growing time to.

Many Lakota people consider silver to be the healing mother of metals. I feel the silver eagle scenario represents my need to heal and rise above my problems. I am offered a higher plane of existence and knowledge.

Wolves are symbols of enduring relationships, the family unit and loyalty. As the pups examine me, the alpha matriarch stands watch over everyone and everything. Her mate unseen, waits in the shadows, ready to leap to the defense of his family.

The wolf pups speak to me of how the younger students here in school check me out. Cautious but curious about my presence in their domain, they approach. I smile at their attempts to hide the need for recognition and attention but welcome their friendship and knowledge.

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