Who Will It Be?


Who will it be?

    As the tenants in our White House near the end of their lease, it’s time for us, the owners of that same house to pick the best possible new tenant. It’s definitely not an easy task, and no one wants to make the mistakes of the past.

But I wonder, did we make mistakes, or did Karma step up to teach us tough lessons?

We, the voters of America have carelessly allowed a growing class of elitist politicians to take over our very lives. Our forebearers, men and women of all ethnicities struggled to free us from the tyranny of an almost absolute monarchy supported by members of the aristocracy. Now, when I see the news about how people like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and others have the power to stop legislation by the manipulations of their political parties, I see the new aristocracy. An aristocracy I feel our forebearers warned us about – why didn’t we listen.

We stand at a major crossroads in our evolution as a nation. Since Tuesday, January 20, 2009 we have been methodically manipulated by the tyrant in our Oval Office, and the aristocracy in our Congress. We have seen American values thrown by the wayside in the name of political correctness. We have seen cities torn apart by ethnic conflicts nurtured by an administration with a hidden agenda.

There have been numerous assaults mounted against our Constitution, and Bill of Rights spearheaded by a traitorous tyrant who prides himself on being able to manipulate his sycophants to by-pass our Constitutional separation of powers to alter, and even enact laws supportive of his ethnic, and religious ideologies.

Now comes the time we, as voters must remember all the broken promises, misapplications of our Constitution and laws, subversive activities, and outright crimes of the tyrant, and aristocracy in America.

We must refuse to follow the political mandates of a broken two-party system to elect the best person to lead us. We cannot have another four years of this, or any other tyrant.

The candidates for the office of President of the United States are almost as diverse as the country itself, but the majority are career politicians. These are politicians who have been genuflecting to the high lords of their parties while making false promises to the people. It is time we the People realize that is the system which mandates to us. One might even think it economically sound to eliminate all but the high lords of Congress since they have all the power.

My personal opinion is this. If I could extract the positive virtues of each candidate, and inject that into a political novice, he/she might be the person I’d vote for. As it stands, I can’t do that so I have to evaluate my choices from the select current list of candidates. Not being a member of any political party, it’s actually harder on me than most.

What I look for in a president is someone who will put American, and the American people first. A person who will reach out to, and more importantly hear, not just listen to Americans of all ethnicities and communities.

I want a president who has the strength of character to say NO to those who would threaten and abuse us, and if they don’t stop, make them feel the wrath of a free nation.

I need a leader who believes in the value of macro-managing good personnel.

A leader who puts America, and Americans first.

Someone who will return us to the time when we respected our men and women in uniform – when police officers were part of our neighborhoods, and not aliens.

There are many more mistakes we made, but the prime one was surrendering our strength to a corrupt political system.

We must stand up, speak up and demand:

No more abuse of our past, present and future military personnel.

No more dismantling of our defenses, and borders.

Mandated term limits for all politicians.

No more politics as usual!

No more American aristocracy!

No more illegal immigration.

No more free-rides for those who refuse to work.

No more life-time pay for those in public office.

No more circumventing our Constitution.

No more excuses – America First or get out!

No more insane tyranny.

We, the American People allowed the tyranny to take over.

We, the American People need to stop it.

Always remember, regardless of ethnicity, religious affiliation or country of origin, if you are a legal American citizen, you have the power to stop the madness.

This is the lesson we were meant to learn.

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