King Without Need of a Throne



“He Had a Dream”

Gone the man

Voice now still

Within old hearts

His words yet thrill


The road he trod

Once blocked by hate

Succumbed the day

Wisdom unlocked the gate.


Sparks ignited

Soon grew to flame

A million times a million

Hailed his name.


Belief in his dream

Their will to oppose

Wrongs of the past

Multitudes arose.


Gird by their faith

No armor they wore

Truth was their sword

His strength to the fore.



Thru force of their spirits

Their faith changed a world

But gone is the man

His dream now imperiled


New voices of hate

Rage thru the night

Bringing fear and pain

To a once righteous fight.


A false leader did rise

His voice honey laced

Great change did he promise

A throne he debased.


Now heard in their prayers

The elders proclaim

Belief in his dream

A return of the flame.


For he was KING

Without need of a throne.




Copyright © 2016 Papa Nyk

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