Ever Friend At My Side

I’ve lived no saint

No sinner shall I die.

Many errors I must own

Of that I cannot deny.


View me not as jaded

Nor speak ill of my name

For ere I knew my enemy

He bowed me low in shame.


Through ages of my life

My quarry did elude

Its key justly shrouded

My harmony did it preclude.


Long my spirit did suffer

My torment had no foe

Coveted closure evasive

Much like summer snow.


When spirit ceased to wonder

An ease did not revile

Sorrow, manna of growth

Seeds of wisdom did beguile.



Love, my new lodger

Serenity did move in.

My spirit will remember

Wages of my sin.


Be you not my judge

Nor jury to decide

Accept my evolution

Remain ever friend at my side.






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