New Dawn


With new dawn,

My sense is drawn

To sound of avian singer.


First rose of spring

No comfort does bring,

Darkness is want to linger.


As I awake

My heart does ache

Love be not near me.


Once close beside

No coyness hide

Ever as one were we.


As years pass by

I oft do cry

Your warmth no longer here.


When storm of night

Darkened the light

How your strength did chase my fear.


Yet even today

Search as I may

My spirit in despair


For those who did deny

A child’s only ally

Have taken you, my Teddy Bear!

Privileged White Man

I am a privileged white man,

For that, I feel no shame.

I was born to dysfunctional family,

Raised in lonely pain.

I am a privileged white man,

My career began in my teens.

Death claimed by father,

Debt destroyed our means.

I am a privileged white man,

No diploma did I earn.

I wandered streets in darkness,

For a home, my soul did yearn.

I am a privileged white man,

To eat, I mopped their floors.

No future lay before me,

My world filled with locked doors.

I am a privileged white man,

I refused to make it end.

I rose above my station,

My life began to mend.

I am a privileged white man,

I rose above defeat,

No guilt rest on my shoulders,

I’ll remain upon my feet.

I am a privileged white man,

I overcame the past.

I struggle for life daily,

And will until the last.

For I am a privileged white man,

A title I wear proud.

No dishonor do I feel,

For wisdom shall be my shroud.

America for Americans

America faces an impasse

A time when we must speak

Rule by authoritarian class

No more can we be weak.

America approaches no end

Nor has our will retreated

Despite the claims of portent

We will not be defeated.

America must rise to unity

As once we did before

To stand against old tyranny

We go ever stronger to the fore.

America, raise up your voice

Defy those who profane

Let all Freedoms be your choice

Rekindle our sacred flame

American for Americans

Let none corrupt evermore

Did you ever?

Did ever rest by tranquil stream,

In Maple copse, neath amber bower,

There to ponder pleasant dream,

Midst opulence of Nature’s power?

Did ever smell a forest floor,

Its perfume forever rife,

Eternal turmoil to the fore,

Where death transforms to life.

Did ever walk on forest path,

Where shades obscured the sun,

An anxious sense of virgin wrath,

Did force your heart to run?

Did ever hear gnarled oak tree cry,

A chipmunk’s song,

Or Cougar’s sigh,

Linger still for you may erelong.

Did ever see a woodland sprite,

A goblin, nymph or gnome,

Take silent walk in late, late night,

Perhaps you’ll find one home.

Did ever sit by burning log

A chill to warm, alone you thought,

Yet voice did hear within your fog,

“Rest my child, your sins I bought.”

My Shadow Wept.

I made my shadow weep,

Cast tears upon the ground.

A specter once so strong,

Did earth attempt to drown.

I heard the phantom keen,

Its voice no power held.

Apparition now defeated

Reticence not dispelled.

The wraith within did struggle,

Fleeting pain enjoin.

Shade of time long past,

My heart did it purloin.

Now does essence linger,

Awaiting imminent fate.

My spirit faced by choices,

Heaven or Hell, which gate?

I made my shadow weep,

On darkest nights it cried.

I made my shadow weep,

Only to myself had I lied.