Rolling Thunder, Sky gone wild,

Brings fears and tears to an innocent child.

Lightning spears illume the night,

Torch once tree now the light.

Forest creatures nestled deep in their beds,

As winds of decision duel over their heads.

Why cries the child, what have I done,

Will I ever see return of the sun?

Be still my child, you’re safe in our arms,

From nature’s battles, and human harms.

For spring is the time we must abide,

When nature’s creations be tested and tried.

From the strength of root to the nest atop,

Winds thought as chaos continue non-stop.

Their work to challenge the broken and shed,

Removing old nests, limbs and the dead.

Now come stones of ice, the task to defy,

Weak structures of man, whose plans did belie.

Rain, the great wonder is last to arrive,

To rinse all of nature that we might survive.

So fear not the storm, for its purpose be just,

Without its strength, all would be dust.


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