The Insanity of American Politics


What has America become?

Each day, I rise, make my coffee, check my blood sugar (I am a type II diabetic), water my tomatoes and other plants, feed my birds and rabbits then sit down with a mug of coffee and read my e-mail.

Sound like you? Sound boring? I guess in a way it is, but once I get to Facebook things have a tendency to liven up.

Yes, I am a Facebook lunatic – I freely admit it. Yes, I know Facebook works against certain political agendas and for others. Yes, I understand I may only be beating my keyboard for exercise, yet there is always the hope that my words will touch someone.

American politics are at a crisis period in our evolving history. Faced with what appears to be the decay and demise of our corrupt two-party political system the average voters struggle in wonder – which might destroy tomorrow?

Tragically, we are confronted with one of the most histrionic, if not perverse choices in our long election history.Whether to vote for a female career politician accused of gross negligence, fabrications, distortion of facts and potential money laundering simply because she has an XY chromosome configuration or for a gruff, no-nonsense, predominantly factual business person who has an XX chromosome configuration?

Personally, I do my best to see both sides of the issue, but it is becoming a miserable fail for me.

Are these the best choices a country of over 300 million people has to offer us? I do not believe they are.

I believe that we, the American voter are being manipulated by career politicians and outside interests whose only agenda is POWER.

I think our two major political parties have lost every iota of common sense and loyalty their founders once hoped. I no longer feel either party has our best interests are heart.

We have been betrayed as sure as Sanders betrayed his followers.

If we wish to have our voices heard, we must cast our votes for the candidate we feel the least traitorous, not necessarily the most experience. We must choose carefully and wisely even if it goes against the grain of everything we were brainwashed to accept. We must hold true to our decision and, WE MUST ORGANIZE SO THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

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