Sunday – a day of musings for me.

So many Sundays have gone before, I often wonder, how many more?

For me as for many others my age, getting older can be a challenge. It seems that a large number of us have bodies that age much faster than our ability to think, act and accomplish. Surprised? I am!

As an entity, I will be 75 next month. I escaped the confines of my mother’s womb on July 11, 1944. Yes, I know, the math doesn’t work but know this, I believe that once the sperm enters the egg and fertilization takes place, a human is generated and begins the nine-month process of preparing to challenges entry into the outside world. I’m not a novel person in my beliefs, it’s a common one in Asia and in many Native American cultures.

So why is this important today?

I think it has to do with the nomination of a new Associate Supreme Court Justice. Yeah, I know, it’s getting tiring, but it is an important issue because of the absolutely unfair philosophy of the Democrat and Liberal thinkers in our country who have convinced themselves that once a new Conservative justice gets on the bench, Roe v Wade will be overturned. In other words, the Left thinks a Conservative majority on the Supreme Court of the United States of America will automatically act like the Left does; attack and destroy what doesn’t fit their agenda?

As for my opinion of Roe v Wade, it is a lovely idea but if I am not capable of judging an issue on the merits of the facts, then I have to right to vote for or against it. That, to me is what I call justice and fair-play. The Left appears not to be in favor of that concept.

So what then, is my opinion on Roe v Wade; which, in my mind is a generic term for abortion on demand?

I’ll begin by saying, there are exceptions, both legal and psychological, for some abortions. I understand and have applied that to my thinking and position on the subject as medically necessary

My position is, I associate abortion on demand with punishing an innocent for the actions of the careless and negligent.

For me, the passage of Roe v Wade gave carte blanche permission to establish the infanticide factories of Planned Parenthood which became wholesale human parts warehouse dealerships.

My question today is, how is it justifiable to expend money and efforts trying to stop the execution of convicted murders; people who have been proven to have killed mercilessly then turn around and defend the unchallenged, merciless murder of innocent babies?

It does not equate in my mind, nor with my spirit.


Saturday question is plain and simple:

“Papa, why are you so anti-Democrat?”

My answer was, truth be told, I am not anti-Democrat; I’m anti-corruption.

When President Trump was running for office, he promised the American people that he would “drain the swamp!”

While political pundits have an astronomical number of opinions to what President Trump was referring. I, on a more simplistic level, feel he meant cleaning all the corruption within our government beginning with the DC area which was basically built over a drained swamp.

While many Democrats take offense at his statement saying it an attack solely on them, I disagree. I do not recall ever hearing or reading any comments by President Trump that specifically named the Democrats as being the primary target. What I did see and hear was a man fed up with the corruption in our government that was, and continues to be draining the lifeblood of the backbone of America – the common people.

The President has been fair in eliminating people in his own cabinet who he feels are counter to a more transparent and accountable government, while calling out the same on the democrat and liberal sides of our Congress.

What I have not seen, nor heard of him doing is plotting a coup de tat against the Democrat Party as it has done with Judge Kavanaugh.

Now remember, from here on in this piece, my referrals to Democrats are to the Democrat Leadership in our Congress, not to the honest, hardworking and fair-minded Democrats of this country; there are millions of those.

Personally, I believe it an imperative that our country maintains, at least a two-party political system, but it has to be well balanced, fair and transparent. We do not have that now.

What we have now, is a Conservative Party that is slowly, too slowly showing its strength and a Democrat Party that is rapidly charging into the abyss of neo-Nazi Socialism. They have become quite adept at being projectionists; blaming others for their faults. The recent confirmation hearing, or should I call it a confrontation between side-show freaks and loyal Americans is proof of that.

(Note: I refuse to use the title Democratic because there is nothing democratic about them at this point in time.)

What I saw in the hearing was all praise and glory to a woman who is obviously a fraud; anyone with 1/2 ounce of street credibility can see that, and a malicious attack on a man, a REAL MAN with a personal and professional history beyond repute. I saw rabid hyenas starving raw meat while some cowardly committee members sat silent.

The classicly disgusting point came for me after the testimonies were over and the Democrats rushed out the door to be first at a press conference they probably planned. There, in all their glory, they question the credibility of a man they had been tearing down for over a week and the sickening audacity to cry about his attitude towards them.

So I have an honest question for every Democrat and some Republican who participated in this Kangaroo Court, and despite protests, it was a court, not a hearing. I also address my question to every media pundit who questions Judge Kavanaugh’s qualifications and psychological stability.

What did you act like, and do when you felt that your reputation and family were unjustly attacked without the benefit of due process?

Thursday’s child, neither meek nor mild.

There are two extraordinarily rare events taking place in America today. One is the President having a private discussion with the Assistant Director of the FBI about accusations he may, or may not have made against the President.

The second event is an unprecedented challenge to the corrupt agenda of the Democrat Party hierarchy. I refer to the testimony of Dr. Ford, a woman who has accused Judge Kavanaugh, one of the most qualified candidates to ever be nominated for a seat on the Supreme Court of the United States of America; a lifetime appointment, of improper sexual actions.

For me, both of these events are politically driven attempts to destroy our republic and replace it with an imperial socialism government that will ultimately destroy the country itself.

The hearing is about to start. I’m going to watch it and to an addendum to this post after it’s over.

Friday AM, I watched the entire hearing yesterday and these are my impressions.

Dr. Ford May, or may not have been sexually assaulted during the time period she claims but it was not Judge Kavanaugh who did it nor did it happen the way she claimed. Her details are too vague and limited to tightly knit specifics that are easy to remember,

Dr. Ford is a professor of Clinical Psychology who works for a private firm that develops research programs, including, now wait for it, PSYCHOLOGICAL questionnaires. She’s a pro at body language, facial expressions, words and the ability to act. She came to this hearing dressed in a plain blue suit, head down, hair hanging loosely around her face and large glasses. The optics were blatant, “poor lil, old me.” Throughout her testimony, she played the pouty-faced, confused, whiny old woman with the spoiled child emerging. She’s a sugar addict – in her coffee and in her Coca-Cola that she couldn’t live without.

My opinion is that she’s a con-artist who fooled everyone in that room, except the prosecutor from Arizona.

As for Judge Kavanaugh, a man who has a stellar reputation as friend, husband, father, and judge, considering the lies thrown at him, I thought he handled himself with true dignity and humanity. DId he breakdown during his testimony, yes, and I think most people would when they see a life’s work tossed aside over unsubstantiated allegations.

Did he lose his temper? My answer to that is, would you lose yours if you were attacked so viciously? Hell, I’m surprised he was able to keep in check. Do I believe him innocent of all charges, that is an emphatic YES.

My personal opinion is that this entire confirmation process was unfair to all Americans. The Democrats came into it with an orchestrated agenda of lies and false accusations in an attempt to do a coup d’etat of not only Judge Kavanaugh, but also the Judiciary process, and ultimately to obstruct President Trump.

This was no confirmation hearing, it was an attempt to begin a combination of the Auto de Fey and the Mc Carthy era witch hunts in 21st century Democrat style.

The only real American representatives on the Judiciary Committee are on the Right side of the aisle. The only real man on the committee is Mitch O’Connell who stood up against the programmed onslaught of the Left. He called them out in front of an entire nation and not one that I know of challenged him. He told the hardcore truth and they turned their backs, walking out with tails between their legs.

My question for today, Friday 9-28-18 is this:

What is wrong in our government; where is the vetting process for our Congressional members?

Shouldn’t candidates for our Congress be as stringently vetted and those for our courts? After all, aren’t they both empowered to make decisions that affect the everyday lives of all Americans?

During this confirmation process, I witnessed vile, disgusting attacks on a man with the sole intent of publicly destroying him over unsubstantiated allegations presented by an obvious fraud. I saw politics at play, not a fair hearing.

One comment kept echoing through my old brain during this hearing: This Judiciary Committee has 10 Republican and 10 Democrat representatives and only one American representative – Mitch McConnell.

I’m troubled!

Never, not even once, in my short life of 74 years have I seen such a blatant and incomprehensible collapse of our Congress as I see happening today.

 What is happening to the America I love when a man with impeccable credentials is so severely prejudged, and attacked over allegations of impropriety is not allotted the protection of the 14th Amendment to our Constitution which states:

“The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was adopted on July 9, 1868, as one of the Reconstruction Amendments. The amendment addressed citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws and was proposed in response to issues related to former slaves following the American Civil War. The amendment was bitterly contested, particularly by the states of the defeated Confederacy, which were forced to ratify it in order to regain representation in Congress. The amendment, particularly its first section, is one of the most litigated parts of the Constitution, forming the basis for landmark decisions such as Brown v. Board of Education regarding racial segregation, Roe v. Wade regarding abortion, Bush v. Gore regarding the 2000 presidential election, and Obergefell v. Hodges regarding same-sex marriage. The amendment limits the actions of all state and local officials, including those acting on behalf of such an official.” (Wikipedia)

On reading this, and I admit I don’t believe I’ve ever read it before if I have, it was when I was in elementary school when we had citizenship classes. But now, confronted with the plight of Judge Kavanaugh, I thought it time to actually read it and learn. 

Please note that while I did read the entire Amendment on the government website, I chose to cite the Wikipedia description as it is more to the point of my concerns.

I’ll begin by paraphrasing the first paragraph where it states that the once Confederate States protested and tried to stop the passage of the Amendment. If one knows a little about American history, one might also know that the predominant political agenda in the south was Democrat.

The second item I noticed is the Supreme Court cases mention, most specifically Roe v Wade, whereby the Democrats cited the Fourteenth Amendment to win their cause. 

I concern for me lies in the fact that the Democrat Party leadership is now attempting to deny Judge Kavanaugh the right to due course guaranteed as a right in the Fourteenth Amendment by prejudging the man. 

Now, here comes the hypocrisy, and outright stupidity of the Democrat leadership in the fact that they refuse to approve Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation based on their opinion, OPINIONS, that he is guilty of sexual assault as a teenager. Not only that, but they are also attempting to prevent him from facing his accuser and preventing him from preparing his defense. They are blatantly denying him is right to due process. 

It is my opinion that the entire attack on Judge Kavanaugh is a bold-faced lie planned to stop President Trump from adding a Constitutional jurist to the Supreme Court. I think we all know that by now.

What I don’t think everyone knows is that if the Democrats are successful in their efforts precedence will be established and no one, not Republican, Independent, Democrat, or others will be safe from these Kangaroo Courts. The new rule will be guilty until proven innocent. 

The America that once believed innocent until proven guilty, not just in a court of law, but in life, will be destroyed and everyone will become fair game for haters. 

America needs to overcome the destruction of the last thirty years and rebuild. It is long past time to bury the war hatchets and sit in council as adults to protect our country. If we cannot accomplish that with our two major political parties, perhaps it’s time to establish another, an American Party comprised of loyal Americans of all faiths, ethnicities and political beliefs but committed to our beloved country. 

The answer to today’s question is

SOAP No, I haven’t lost my mind; I did that years ago This morning, as I do once a week, I took a case of bananas to the Student Assistance Program office (SAP) at my alma mater, Meramec Community College, Kirkwood, MO. As I brought them in I could see into the little cafe area where students on limited incomes can get a meal. There, right before me was one of the prettiest sights I’ve seen in a very long time. Twin girls, first-year students turned around from their breakfast, looked me squarely in the face showed smiles that could have blinded the sun. The next thing I know, I’m being hugged and thanked profusely. I can’t deny, the hugging part was awesome, the thank yous overwhelming but the smiles, Oh My God, the smiles almost brought me to tears, and that is not an easy thing for me.  Beautiful, bright young glowing faces filled with the joy of renewal, and hope for the future, because of a soap. Before you can say it, no, these beautiful young ladies were not dirty, they have Acne which is defined as “the occurrence of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in the skin; in particular, a condition characterized by red pimples on the face, prevalent chiefly among teenagers.” It’s a terrible affliction that can destroy a teen’s self-esteem and social life, both of which may already be challenged by often cruel peers in high school. For many victims of Acne, this period of their life can be very lonely and traumatic, at times to the point of depression. Perhaps minimal dating, if any; no invitations to the proms and maybe, not even that first kiss. “Is it something I did, something I said? Why am I cursed so? Will I ever know love?” It is a senseless, evil guilt experienced by young adults in psychological pain with few options. Rich or poor, Acne is hell to deal with, and even worse to live with. For those families with good health insurance or independent means, there is the option of being treated by a qualified Dermatologist. For those less fortunate, such as the kids who come into the SAP office there has, until now, been no viable Acne treatment for them. However, years ago, one of my kids started having Acne, for which we sought help from our doctor, but my insurance coverage at the time was worthless. Fortunately, a friend who was into traditional natural medicines suggested we try having him wash his face with Lavender and Glycerin soap; which is cheaper than a Dermatologist but still not inexpensive because it was not readily available in local stores. But we took her advice, ordered the lavender and glycerin soap, and my boy started using it immediately – washing his face twice a day. Within a couple of days, started to work; We saw improvement within 48 hours. Then, while at our local Wal-Mart my boy noticed a bar of soap called Dial “Power Berries” (couldn’t miss the red packaging) that has glycerin in it. As it is far cheaper than the glycerin and lavender soap he was using, we decided to try it; we did, it did, and his Acne disappeared. OK, you guessed it, when I met the twins at school, their Acne was rampant. I approached them and bluntly told about my boy and the Dial soap. Can you imagine the look on the face of these girls when confronted by an old fart like me, telling them I think I can help? I’m surprised they didn’t call security.  But, I persevered, and I bet them two costly dinners to two hugs that Dial Power Berries would work for them. They took me up on the bet three weeks ago, and today, I got hugs from two beautiful young ladies with clearer skin, rapidly receding Acne and the most beautiful smiles you can imagine, all because of soap – Dial Power Berries soap with Glycerin and Anti-oxidants. Can you imagine how warm and fuzzy I feel inside now? Soap

Question for an early morning Tuesday

Admittedly, I am somewhat of a Facebook freak in that I do post quite often, but a man has to have a hobby, right?

My for today is this: Who is in control of our Congress?

I swear, every day I must read a minimum of  25 posts on FB from people who are demanding accountability from our President on down to the guys in the mail room.

My favorite comment comes in the form of a question:

  1. Why did I vote for this person?
  2. How do we stop what they’re doing to America?

Two very good questions, and surprisingly enough, they may have the same answer; that being a CRITICAL LACK OF VERIFIABLE INFORMATION!

If you’re reading this, you have access to a computer, thus you have the capability to research the candidate you’re considering voting for; that’s good. But, while doing that, also research the candidate’s history, voting record and declared positions on various issues. When you’re done with that, compare what you’ve learned with what you hear your candidate say in current speeches? Does he or she, contradict without explaining why? That’s a red flag. Does he or she tend to vote more with the opposition party? Red Flag.  Look for the red flags, then ask your computer for answers use Cortana, Google; Firefox, or any of the other good search programs to get the answers you want. It doesn’t take very long, but it does take effort on your part.

Please, regardless of your political stance, DO NOT  vote a straight party line. Be smart, pick the candidates you feel will help you and America, not their political agenda.   Once you start doing that,  you will no longer be asking who is in control of our Congress, because you’ll know it is you, the voter.

Given the amount of corruption exposed in our Congress in the last few months, I urge everyone to vote smart. Defeat the lies and hypocrisy, vote smart, it’s your country too.

Remember, we, the American voters are as much to blame for corruption in our government as anyone. We must hold our representative accountable at the ballot box.





Question for Monday

My question is going to be very short and simple:

How in the hell can Democrats live with themselves, or their party?

More allegations sans any form of intelligent confirmable substantiation have now been made against Judge Kavanaugh.  To add to the bullshit, those making the allegations are, with slight variations telling almost the exact same story as Dr. Ford.

I can’t remember, when, where, how, why, who or what happened 30+ years ago, but I know, or at least I think I know Kavanaugh did it.

There is nothing to corroborate their story; no facts, no physical evidence, and no witnesses yet the Democrat Party has gone into a feeding frenzy over this.

Is there no logic nor even simple common sense in the Democrats Party?

To destroy the lives of Judge Kavanaugh, his family and his accusers to win a political position is not the American way, at least not in my mine heart. It is radical American Shari’ah, it is a house built on lies and deceit that needs to be razed and reconstructed with honest Americans.

The ultimate loser in all this will be the Democrats themselves, because, to borrow a phrase from a good friend, “You piss into the wind long enough, you drown.”

Loyal American voters of all ages and ideologies need to wake up to what is going on and decide whether they want to support the blatant corruption of the current Democrat hierarchy, and please, please do not call them Democratic because there is nothing democratic about them.