Question for an early morning Tuesday

Admittedly, I am somewhat of a Facebook freak in that I do post quite often, but a man has to have a hobby, right?

My for today is this: Who is in control of our Congress?

I swear, every day I must read a minimum of  25 posts on FB from people who are demanding accountability from our President on down to the guys in the mail room.

My favorite comment comes in the form of a question:

  1. Why did I vote for this person?
  2. How do we stop what they’re doing to America?

Two very good questions, and surprisingly enough, they may have the same answer; that being a CRITICAL LACK OF VERIFIABLE INFORMATION!

If you’re reading this, you have access to a computer, thus you have the capability to research the candidate you’re considering voting for; that’s good. But, while doing that, also research the candidate’s history, voting record and declared positions on various issues. When you’re done with that, compare what you’ve learned with what you hear your candidate say in current speeches? Does he or she, contradict without explaining why? That’s a red flag. Does he or she tend to vote more with the opposition party? Red Flag.  Look for the red flags, then ask your computer for answers use Cortana, Google; Firefox, or any of the other good search programs to get the answers you want. It doesn’t take very long, but it does take effort on your part.

Please, regardless of your political stance, DO NOT  vote a straight party line. Be smart, pick the candidates you feel will help you and America, not their political agenda.   Once you start doing that,  you will no longer be asking who is in control of our Congress, because you’ll know it is you, the voter.

Given the amount of corruption exposed in our Congress in the last few months, I urge everyone to vote smart. Defeat the lies and hypocrisy, vote smart, it’s your country too.

Remember, we, the American voters are as much to blame for corruption in our government as anyone. We must hold our representative accountable at the ballot box.





Question for Monday

My question is going to be very short and simple:

How in the hell can Democrats live with themselves, or their party?

More allegations sans any form of intelligent confirmable substantiation have now been made against Judge Kavanaugh.  To add to the bullshit, those making the allegations are, with slight variations telling almost the exact same story as Dr. Ford.

I can’t remember, when, where, how, why, who or what happened 30+ years ago, but I know, or at least I think I know Kavanaugh did it.

There is nothing to corroborate their story; no facts, no physical evidence, and no witnesses yet the Democrat Party has gone into a feeding frenzy over this.

Is there no logic nor even simple common sense in the Democrats Party?

To destroy the lives of Judge Kavanaugh, his family and his accusers to win a political position is not the American way, at least not in my mine heart. It is radical American Shari’ah, it is a house built on lies and deceit that needs to be razed and reconstructed with honest Americans.

The ultimate loser in all this will be the Democrats themselves, because, to borrow a phrase from a good friend, “You piss into the wind long enough, you drown.”

Loyal American voters of all ages and ideologies need to wake up to what is going on and decide whether they want to support the blatant corruption of the current Democrat hierarchy, and please, please do not call them Democratic because there is nothing democratic about them.




Sunday Question

This is a toughie for me, but here goes.

Is there truly such a thing as equality between the genders in America?

Now, before anyone gets off on a hissy fit about sexual equality, or lack thereof, I think biology has already answered that question, at least for me.

I’m talking about the of Judge Kavanaugh to SCOTUS.

Now, I consider myself to be pretty open-minded and do my best to discover the facts in all issues that potentially concern me.

I can hear you now, “how does the confirmation hearings of a Scotus nominee effect Papa Nyk?”

I’ll answer that in one word – PRECEDENCE. If you don’t know what that means look it up, and if you don’t know how, then learn, if you still don’t know, then ask. See a pattern there?

The precedence I see relative to the confirmation hearings and the allegation against Judge Kavanaugh is precedent-setting in the sense of an obvious inequality being propagandized by the extremist left and radical women’s groups.

What I heard today finally destroyed my belief in equality and honestly within the Democrat party leadership. To a person, every Democrat member interviewed today stated that “We have to believe her because she’s a credible woman and she is the proof of her allegation.”

These “leaders” of our country have determined that a woman’s allegation is concrete proof of a man’s actions. No verifiable eyewitness testimony required. No substantial physical evidence needed. No longer may a man face his accuser. No jury of one’s peers allowed. She said it happened, then it happened – no due process, end of story.

The outcome is once the plaintiff is believed and the defendant proclaimed guilty, both are equally destroyed by the game of propaganda and politics. The only potential winners I can see in this circus are the Democrat hierarchy, provided they are allowed to carry out their deceptive, and potentially criminal manipulation of both the plaintiff and the defendant in this issue.

The plaintiff may think she has become the shining star of the left but once this is over, win or lose, she will rapidly become a nova. She is too dangerous to the Democrat agenda.

What I find surprising is that the plaintiff, Dr. Ford, a highly educated Professor of Clinical Psychology doesn’t realize she’s merely a tool; a means to an end.

If I’m correct, then I am wrong about equality in America for both will be destroyed. However, if I’m not correct, then the equality will be that mandated by the Democrat regime and both parties will still suffer disasterous consequences, but so too will equality in America.

Again I say, this is not about Dr. Ford, Judge Kavanaugh, SCOTUS or even equality. It is a critical battle for power and money and, if the Democrats win, it will set precedence for many years to come. Personally, I think the only outcome that will be beneficial to Americans is if Dr. Ford realizes she’s made a horrible mistake and extends an apology to Judge Kavanaugh and the Judiciary Committee (she was drunk at the time) and the Judge is finally confirmed.

When our legal system becomes so corrupted that allegations made by a person of one gender against a person of the other gender are accepted as fact based only on the gender of the accuser our legal system becomes worse than radical Shari’ah. Therein lies the precedence of our future.

Thoughts of an Early Saturday Morn

I’m going to get off the politics this morning and talk a little about what it’s like living with Type II, Insulin Dependent Diabetes.

Since being diagnosed with Diabetes, I’ve done a lot of research on how I feel about the disease and, how I plan to live with it. I believe in knowing my enemy, to better deal with my feelings; to accept the fact that genetics is the primary reason I have the disease; I saw my father die at age 47 from it and my beloved Nana lose her legs in her failed battle. The list of people succumbing to Diabetes grows longer every year, many more are added because of lack of knowledge, lack of willpower and even lack of money to treat.

The ancient Chinese general Sun-Tzu wrote in “The Art of War”

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Although not completely analogous to living with Diabetes, for me it is akin to being in an arranged marriage to an extremely diabolical person whose ultimate goal is to make my life miserable until I’m dead. However, unlike a marriage between two people, one cannot get a divorce from Diabetes, you either learn to live with it, or you refuse to live.

I feel that the primary battle of every Diabetic is within the self. Denial is the first battle that must be won; to deny one has Diabetes equates to running through a pen filled with starving carnivores while carrying fifty pounds of raw meat.

Knowledge, knowledge of the self, the disease and more knowledge of the self. Sound redundant – yes? Good, it’s meant to be. To live, not just exist with Diabetes is to fight small skirmishes every day. When buying food processed foods, read the labels for sugar content; you will be surprised at how much sugar is in our foods.

I love potatoes and ketchup; I’d kill for a plate of old-fashioned French fries, not the potato sticks of McDonald’s. A plate of them with good rich ketchup is a treat for me, but it’s also carbs and sugars (potatoes and ketchup), sends my blood glucose * up. It takes a good 24 hours before it does that, so if I eat French fries with Ketchup today, Saturday, I won’t see much of a difference in my blood glucose test tomorrow morning, but Monday I will.

Did I mention Diabetes being diabolical? The lesson I learned, the hard way, of course, is that in my arrogance, I didn’t know that it takes over 24 hours for some sugars to register in blood glucose. Therefore, the meal I eat today may not affect my morning glucose test tomorrow which gives me a false sense of security in what I eat tomorrow. If I have more French fries tomorrow, Tuesday’s reading is going to be higher and I’ve just added 25 pounds of raw meat to my dash for life through the pen.

Knowledge, I can’t scream any louder!  Knowledge of the disease, its management, and the self, are the primary keys to managing Diabetes.

If you are unwilling to work for yourself and those you love, then screw it. Go eat a dozen Hershey bars and drink a six pack of beer; just make sure your life insurance is paid up to date because your family will need the money to plant your ass.

I will have more on this subject next week.

  • A blood glucose exam is done every morning to check the level of sugar in one’s system. I have to prick the end of a finger and place a drop of blood on a test strip. Will discuss that in detail in a later post.



Friday’s Question

I’m not a Constitutional genius, but I believe Senator Grassley has taken a very positive step forward into the stopping, what I feel, are the unConstitutional actions of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. It is my opinion that the Democrats have denied Judge Kavanaugh due process of law. Furthermore, I think the actions of Senator Feinstein are unconscionable and that she should be censured for what she has done. It is no longer a case of he said, she said, it is a Democrat-run Kangaroo court that believes a person is guilty until proven innocent. History has proven that people who blindly follow corrupt leaders and do their bidding often end up being their victims as well. Examples include the Stormtroopers of the Hitler era, the purge of the military officers by Stalin when he came into power, the murder of the Gand of Eight who took over China after Mao died, the Cuban militants who helped Castro and the murder of thousands of his followers by Pol Pot. I project that if a radical left-wing power bloc takes over America with the help of people like ANTIFA, they will eliminate them. The first rule of thumb for a dictator is to remove any and all threats to his power, ANTIFA is a threat; the pattern is clean. In the case of the allegation against Judge Kavanaugh, we see a little of this elimination in the form of the plaintiff, Dr. Ford demanding a specific procedure be in place before she will testify. Everything she is demanding is contrary to our Constitution and rights to a fair hearing. Is she doing it? No, of course not, it’s being planned by propagandists employed by the left and globalist money. This is not an attack on Judge Kavanaugh, this is an attack on the American Constitution and our Judicial System, Dr. Ford is simply a disposable tool to be used and disposed of; she’s just not smart enough to realize that.

Question for Today

Can anyone tell me precisely who their government representatives work for? 

Watching the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation process is like watching a terrible kid’s movie with adult actors. There is no script, but there is a concrete agenda within the minds of so many of those we elected who claim to “speak for the people of America.” The rhetoric and propaganda are out of control, and nothing is being accomplished for “the people of America.” Representatives we elected, and by the way, we also pay them through our taxes appear to be working to attain only two goals: Power and Money. The only person in our government I see attacking and accomplishing goals for “the people of America” is our President. 

Lately, I have been wondering how it is we came 360 degrees from a revolution to throw off the shackles of royalty only to reinstate it in the form of representatives we elected to work for “the people of America.” 

With all due respect, I contend that anyone who votes strictly party line is a fucking idiot and shouldn’t be voting. We need to open our minds, and our hearts to those who will serve “the people of America” and not their own personal or political party. 

Remember, President Trump promised to drain the swamp. He did not say he was going to drain the swamp of Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Liberals or any other affiliation; he said “swamp.” 

It is time for loyal Americans of all political persuasions to band together and stop the corruption in our government. Stand up and declare “YOU WORK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!” 

My Trek thru Time – Intro

I haven’t published a personal post for quite a while; to my loyal followers, I apologize. I was in an accident March 09 of this year where I came close to being paralyzed from a neck injury; fortunately, I wasn’t. While recuperating, some friends and a relative or two urged me to start writing my memoirs; it gave me pause to reconsider some things about myself and my outlook on life.

`           My life has not been easy, nor has it been ordinary; what it has been was one emotional struggle after another each a lesson unto itself. Since coming into this arena we call earth, I’ve been forced to attend challenging classes not found in any school curriculum. I’ve learned hard lessons that might have destroyed a weaker man; I won, I overcame adversity to finally, for once in my life stand tall, proud of who I am.

I would like to share some of the insight I’ve gained.

With your permission, I will begin this by stating that I will never again apologize to any member of my family for my past or present actions. I do not emphasize that to be mean-spirited or arrogant; I do it to forewarn any who may read my words.

If I were to apologize, it would be to myself for not getting the help I needed when I could afford it. Therefore, my introduction intends to be an opening of a massive door into my being, into my very inner pains and terror to release what was and allow what is to enter. It is my challenge to the shadows that once brought only loneliness and anxiety to an outcast, punished for not meeting the expectations of those who should have loved.

I will speak of the unseen tears shed over many years; the cries in the night unanswered, a family always out of reach. The trauma that permanently destroyed a lonely child leaving him to struggle as an adult.

If I were better educated and more intelligent, I think I might find worthier terminology for what I feel, and it’s causation, but I’m not so I’ll take a SWAG (scientific wild-ass guess) and call it: Abandoned Child Syndrome [1] – Parental Alienation Syndrome [2]

I will share my life story in the hope of maybe, one day being able to cry again; to shed the tears suppressed even now.

Papa Nyk

[1]              Overview on Abandoned Child Syndrome – Its Causes and Symptoms, Threads of Feeling (2018), (last visited Sep 16, 2018).

[2]              Linda Turner, Abandoned child syndrome Parental Alienation Pas (2018), (last visited Sep 16, 2018).

Question of the Evening

I’m adding to my post of this morning.

I’m going to add to my post about this sham of an allegation against Judge Kavanaugh by adding this comment. The plaintiff in this is a Professor of Clinical Psychology, now what does that mean? Glad you asked, it means she teaches future clinical (work with patients, not theories) psychologists teaching them what to look for when helping people with emotional issues. She explains what words to, or not to use, how to control their own emotions and body language during sessions and, most importantly how to tell when a patient is not telling the truth or omitting facts. In other words, she is a pro at delving into the minds of people and helping them to address their issues and mold their minds to improve their lives. Interesting skills for someone who wants to convince a nation of an event that may, or may not have happened, don’t ya think?

Today’s Question

Let me start by saying that I am neither Democrat nor Republican, Christian, Jew or Muslim, but I am sane and I do my best to remain logical, which in these times is a struggle.

Now my question of the how long must loyal American citizens have to contend with the outright insanity and hypocrisy of the Democrat leadership?

I’ve followed the entire confirmation process for Judge Kavanaugh; a process commonly called a circus due to the antics of the Democrats. Now, the bring forth allegations of criminality by Judge Kavanaugh that may, or in my mind did not occur 36 years ago.

It’s my personal belief that this entire allegation by Dr. Ford was planned long before Judge Kavanaugh was even considered for the position. I think people and assuredly money were in place to act the second the President named his choice.

I further believe my position is confirmed by the latest “demand” by the alleged victim for a “thorough investigation” by the FBI. If our representatives in Congress don’t know that the FBI does not investigate crimes that fall under individual state judicial authority then they are either lying or shouldn’t be in our Congress; perhaps both.

I feel the Democrats are not working for America, they are working for their party, their power, and their bank accounts. They are making a sham out of our Judiciary process to the point of a seated Liberal Justice is calling them out.

Now that Republicans have control of the Senate, they must call out the Democrats for their actions by voting for a highly qualified and respected Judge to be elected to our Supreme Court. They must say NO, to the Left; call them out for their fake allegations and criminality. Stand up for loyal Americans!


Question of the Day

With the upcoming midterm elections rapidly approaching, there is a surge of Democrat propaganda flooding all the mainstream media and it brings to mind a question:

Within the last 24 hours, Obama, Clinton, Warren, and other radical leftist Democrats have seen giving speeches, posting blogs and otherwise making comments about how the Republicans, under the leadership of President Trump, destroying America.

My question is this: Who the hell is kidding who, or is it whom?

There are apparently two distinct agendas driving the radical left; money and power, or is it power and money. I guess, either way, they’re seen as inseparable.

While I believe these are two critical issues for them, I feel there is a third issue which is compelling them to act like immature children with name calling, denigration of Americans for having a different opinion, and worst of all, denying Americans the opportunity for freedom of speech. I’m not just talking non-Democrats being attacked, I’m talking to all Americans: if you do not believe in and strictly follow the mandates of the radical Democrats, you will pay the price, and even if you do, you will pay a price. These elitist, politicians and their money grabbing corporate CEOs have joined to wrest control of our country from us. To accomplish this, they must destroy President Trump which in turn would end all the positive things he has done for America.

It is time for the voters to purge our government of proven criminals and traitors to our Constitutional values.