Today’s Question

Let me start by saying that I am neither Democrat nor Republican, Christian, Jew or Muslim, but I am sane and I do my best to remain logical, which in these times is a struggle.

Now my question of the how long must loyal American citizens have to contend with the outright insanity and hypocrisy of the Democrat leadership?

I’ve followed the entire confirmation process for Judge Kavanaugh; a process commonly called a circus due to the antics of the Democrats. Now, the bring forth allegations of criminality by Judge Kavanaugh that may, or in my mind did not occur 36 years ago.

It’s my personal belief that this entire allegation by Dr. Ford was planned long before Judge Kavanaugh was even considered for the position. I think people and assuredly money were in place to act the second the President named his choice.

I further believe my position is confirmed by the latest “demand” by the alleged victim for a “thorough investigation” by the FBI. If our representatives in Congress don’t know that the FBI does not investigate crimes that fall under individual state judicial authority then they are either lying or shouldn’t be in our Congress; perhaps both.

I feel the Democrats are not working for America, they are working for their party, their power, and their bank accounts. They are making a sham out of our Judiciary process to the point of a seated Liberal Justice is calling them out.

Now that Republicans have control of the Senate, they must call out the Democrats for their actions by voting for a highly qualified and respected Judge to be elected to our Supreme Court. They must say NO, to the Left; call them out for their fake allegations and criminality. Stand up for loyal Americans!


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