Question for Monday

My question is going to be very short and simple:

How in the hell can Democrats live with themselves, or their party?

More allegations sans any form of intelligent confirmable substantiation have now been made against Judge Kavanaugh.  To add to the bullshit, those making the allegations are, with slight variations telling almost the exact same story as Dr. Ford.

I can’t remember, when, where, how, why, who or what happened 30+ years ago, but I know, or at least I think I know Kavanaugh did it.

There is nothing to corroborate their story; no facts, no physical evidence, and no witnesses yet the Democrat Party has gone into a feeding frenzy over this.

Is there no logic nor even simple common sense in the Democrats Party?

To destroy the lives of Judge Kavanaugh, his family and his accusers to win a political position is not the American way, at least not in my mine heart. It is radical American Shari’ah, it is a house built on lies and deceit that needs to be razed and reconstructed with honest Americans.

The ultimate loser in all this will be the Democrats themselves, because, to borrow a phrase from a good friend, “You piss into the wind long enough, you drown.”

Loyal American voters of all ages and ideologies need to wake up to what is going on and decide whether they want to support the blatant corruption of the current Democrat hierarchy, and please, please do not call them Democratic because there is nothing democratic about them.




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