I’m troubled!

Never, not even once, in my short life of 74 years have I seen such a blatant and incomprehensible collapse of our Congress as I see happening today.

 What is happening to the America I love when a man with impeccable credentials is so severely prejudged, and attacked over allegations of impropriety is not allotted the protection of the 14th Amendment to our Constitution which states:

“The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was adopted on July 9, 1868, as one of the Reconstruction Amendments. The amendment addressed citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws and was proposed in response to issues related to former slaves following the American Civil War. The amendment was bitterly contested, particularly by the states of the defeated Confederacy, which were forced to ratify it in order to regain representation in Congress. The amendment, particularly its first section, is one of the most litigated parts of the Constitution, forming the basis for landmark decisions such as Brown v. Board of Education regarding racial segregation, Roe v. Wade regarding abortion, Bush v. Gore regarding the 2000 presidential election, and Obergefell v. Hodges regarding same-sex marriage. The amendment limits the actions of all state and local officials, including those acting on behalf of such an official.” (Wikipedia)

On reading this, and I admit I don’t believe I’ve ever read it before if I have, it was when I was in elementary school when we had citizenship classes. But now, confronted with the plight of Judge Kavanaugh, I thought it time to actually read it and learn. 

Please note that while I did read the entire Amendment on the government website, I chose to cite the Wikipedia description as it is more to the point of my concerns.

I’ll begin by paraphrasing the first paragraph where it states that the once Confederate States protested and tried to stop the passage of the Amendment. If one knows a little about American history, one might also know that the predominant political agenda in the south was Democrat.

The second item I noticed is the Supreme Court cases mention, most specifically Roe v Wade, whereby the Democrats cited the Fourteenth Amendment to win their cause. 

I concern for me lies in the fact that the Democrat Party leadership is now attempting to deny Judge Kavanaugh the right to due course guaranteed as a right in the Fourteenth Amendment by prejudging the man. 

Now, here comes the hypocrisy, and outright stupidity of the Democrat leadership in the fact that they refuse to approve Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation based on their opinion, OPINIONS, that he is guilty of sexual assault as a teenager. Not only that, but they are also attempting to prevent him from facing his accuser and preventing him from preparing his defense. They are blatantly denying him is right to due process. 

It is my opinion that the entire attack on Judge Kavanaugh is a bold-faced lie planned to stop President Trump from adding a Constitutional jurist to the Supreme Court. I think we all know that by now.

What I don’t think everyone knows is that if the Democrats are successful in their efforts precedence will be established and no one, not Republican, Independent, Democrat, or others will be safe from these Kangaroo Courts. The new rule will be guilty until proven innocent. 

The America that once believed innocent until proven guilty, not just in a court of law, but in life, will be destroyed and everyone will become fair game for haters. 

America needs to overcome the destruction of the last thirty years and rebuild. It is long past time to bury the war hatchets and sit in council as adults to protect our country. If we cannot accomplish that with our two major political parties, perhaps it’s time to establish another, an American Party comprised of loyal Americans of all faiths, ethnicities and political beliefs but committed to our beloved country. 

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