The answer to today’s question is

SOAP No, I haven’t lost my mind; I did that years ago This morning, as I do once a week, I took a case of bananas to the Student Assistance Program office (SAP) at my alma mater, Meramec Community College, Kirkwood, MO. As I brought them in I could see into the little cafe area where students on limited incomes can get a meal. There, right before me was one of the prettiest sights I’ve seen in a very long time. Twin girls, first-year students turned around from their breakfast, looked me squarely in the face showed smiles that could have blinded the sun. The next thing I know, I’m being hugged and thanked profusely. I can’t deny, the hugging part was awesome, the thank yous overwhelming but the smiles, Oh My God, the smiles almost brought me to tears, and that is not an easy thing for me.  Beautiful, bright young glowing faces filled with the joy of renewal, and hope for the future, because of a soap. Before you can say it, no, these beautiful young ladies were not dirty, they have Acne which is defined as “the occurrence of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in the skin; in particular, a condition characterized by red pimples on the face, prevalent chiefly among teenagers.” It’s a terrible affliction that can destroy a teen’s self-esteem and social life, both of which may already be challenged by often cruel peers in high school. For many victims of Acne, this period of their life can be very lonely and traumatic, at times to the point of depression. Perhaps minimal dating, if any; no invitations to the proms and maybe, not even that first kiss. “Is it something I did, something I said? Why am I cursed so? Will I ever know love?” It is a senseless, evil guilt experienced by young adults in psychological pain with few options. Rich or poor, Acne is hell to deal with, and even worse to live with. For those families with good health insurance or independent means, there is the option of being treated by a qualified Dermatologist. For those less fortunate, such as the kids who come into the SAP office there has, until now, been no viable Acne treatment for them. However, years ago, one of my kids started having Acne, for which we sought help from our doctor, but my insurance coverage at the time was worthless. Fortunately, a friend who was into traditional natural medicines suggested we try having him wash his face with Lavender and Glycerin soap; which is cheaper than a Dermatologist but still not inexpensive because it was not readily available in local stores. But we took her advice, ordered the lavender and glycerin soap, and my boy started using it immediately – washing his face twice a day. Within a couple of days, started to work; We saw improvement within 48 hours. Then, while at our local Wal-Mart my boy noticed a bar of soap called Dial “Power Berries” (couldn’t miss the red packaging) that has glycerin in it. As it is far cheaper than the glycerin and lavender soap he was using, we decided to try it; we did, it did, and his Acne disappeared. OK, you guessed it, when I met the twins at school, their Acne was rampant. I approached them and bluntly told about my boy and the Dial soap. Can you imagine the look on the face of these girls when confronted by an old fart like me, telling them I think I can help? I’m surprised they didn’t call security.  But, I persevered, and I bet them two costly dinners to two hugs that Dial Power Berries would work for them. They took me up on the bet three weeks ago, and today, I got hugs from two beautiful young ladies with clearer skin, rapidly receding Acne and the most beautiful smiles you can imagine, all because of soap – Dial Power Berries soap with Glycerin and Anti-oxidants. Can you imagine how warm and fuzzy I feel inside now? Soap

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