Thursday’s child, neither meek nor mild.

There are two extraordinarily rare events taking place in America today. One is the President having a private discussion with the Assistant Director of the FBI about accusations he may, or may not have made against the President.

The second event is an unprecedented challenge to the corrupt agenda of the Democrat Party hierarchy. I refer to the testimony of Dr. Ford, a woman who has accused Judge Kavanaugh, one of the most qualified candidates to ever be nominated for a seat on the Supreme Court of the United States of America; a lifetime appointment, of improper sexual actions.

For me, both of these events are politically driven attempts to destroy our republic and replace it with an imperial socialism government that will ultimately destroy the country itself.

The hearing is about to start. I’m going to watch it and to an addendum to this post after it’s over.

Friday AM, I watched the entire hearing yesterday and these are my impressions.

Dr. Ford May, or may not have been sexually assaulted during the time period she claims but it was not Judge Kavanaugh who did it nor did it happen the way she claimed. Her details are too vague and limited to tightly knit specifics that are easy to remember,

Dr. Ford is a professor of Clinical Psychology who works for a private firm that develops research programs, including, now wait for it, PSYCHOLOGICAL questionnaires. She’s a pro at body language, facial expressions, words and the ability to act. She came to this hearing dressed in a plain blue suit, head down, hair hanging loosely around her face and large glasses. The optics were blatant, “poor lil, old me.” Throughout her testimony, she played the pouty-faced, confused, whiny old woman with the spoiled child emerging. She’s a sugar addict – in her coffee and in her Coca-Cola that she couldn’t live without.

My opinion is that she’s a con-artist who fooled everyone in that room, except the prosecutor from Arizona.

As for Judge Kavanaugh, a man who has a stellar reputation as friend, husband, father, and judge, considering the lies thrown at him, I thought he handled himself with true dignity and humanity. DId he breakdown during his testimony, yes, and I think most people would when they see a life’s work tossed aside over unsubstantiated allegations.

Did he lose his temper? My answer to that is, would you lose yours if you were attacked so viciously? Hell, I’m surprised he was able to keep in check. Do I believe him innocent of all charges, that is an emphatic YES.

My personal opinion is that this entire confirmation process was unfair to all Americans. The Democrats came into it with an orchestrated agenda of lies and false accusations in an attempt to do a coup d’etat of not only Judge Kavanaugh, but also the Judiciary process, and ultimately to obstruct President Trump.

This was no confirmation hearing, it was an attempt to begin a combination of the Auto de Fey and the Mc Carthy era witch hunts in 21st century Democrat style.

The only real American representatives on the Judiciary Committee are on the Right side of the aisle. The only real man on the committee is Mitch O’Connell who stood up against the programmed onslaught of the Left. He called them out in front of an entire nation and not one that I know of challenged him. He told the hardcore truth and they turned their backs, walking out with tails between their legs.

My question for today, Friday 9-28-18 is this:

What is wrong in our government; where is the vetting process for our Congressional members?

Shouldn’t candidates for our Congress be as stringently vetted and those for our courts? After all, aren’t they both empowered to make decisions that affect the everyday lives of all Americans?

During this confirmation process, I witnessed vile, disgusting attacks on a man with the sole intent of publicly destroying him over unsubstantiated allegations presented by an obvious fraud. I saw politics at play, not a fair hearing.

One comment kept echoing through my old brain during this hearing: This Judiciary Committee has 10 Republican and 10 Democrat representatives and only one American representative – Mitch McConnell.

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