Saturday question is plain and simple:

“Papa, why are you so anti-Democrat?”

My answer was, truth be told, I am not anti-Democrat; I’m anti-corruption.

When President Trump was running for office, he promised the American people that he would “drain the swamp!”

While political pundits have an astronomical number of opinions to what President Trump was referring. I, on a more simplistic level, feel he meant cleaning all the corruption within our government beginning with the DC area which was basically built over a drained swamp.

While many Democrats take offense at his statement saying it an attack solely on them, I disagree. I do not recall ever hearing or reading any comments by President Trump that specifically named the Democrats as being the primary target. What I did see and hear was a man fed up with the corruption in our government that was, and continues to be draining the lifeblood of the backbone of America – the common people.

The President has been fair in eliminating people in his own cabinet who he feels are counter to a more transparent and accountable government, while calling out the same on the democrat and liberal sides of our Congress.

What I have not seen, nor heard of him doing is plotting a coup de tat against the Democrat Party as it has done with Judge Kavanaugh.

Now remember, from here on in this piece, my referrals to Democrats are to the Democrat Leadership in our Congress, not to the honest, hardworking and fair-minded Democrats of this country; there are millions of those.

Personally, I believe it an imperative that our country maintains, at least a two-party political system, but it has to be well balanced, fair and transparent. We do not have that now.

What we have now, is a Conservative Party that is slowly, too slowly showing its strength and a Democrat Party that is rapidly charging into the abyss of neo-Nazi Socialism. They have become quite adept at being projectionists; blaming others for their faults. The recent confirmation hearing, or should I call it a confrontation between side-show freaks and loyal Americans is proof of that.

(Note: I refuse to use the title Democratic because there is nothing democratic about them at this point in time.)

What I saw in the hearing was all praise and glory to a woman who is obviously a fraud; anyone with 1/2 ounce of street credibility can see that, and a malicious attack on a man, a REAL MAN with a personal and professional history beyond repute. I saw rabid hyenas starving raw meat while some cowardly committee members sat silent.

The classicly disgusting point came for me after the testimonies were over and the Democrats rushed out the door to be first at a press conference they probably planned. There, in all their glory, they question the credibility of a man they had been tearing down for over a week and the sickening audacity to cry about his attitude towards them.

So I have an honest question for every Democrat and some Republican who participated in this Kangaroo Court, and despite protests, it was a court, not a hearing. I also address my question to every media pundit who questions Judge Kavanaugh’s qualifications and psychological stability.

What did you act like, and do when you felt that your reputation and family were unjustly attacked without the benefit of due process?

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