Sunday – a day of musings for me.

So many Sundays have gone before, I often wonder, how many more?

For me as for many others my age, getting older can be a challenge. It seems that a large number of us have bodies that age much faster than our ability to think, act and accomplish. Surprised? I am!

As an entity, I will be 75 next month. I escaped the confines of my mother’s womb on July 11, 1944. Yes, I know, the math doesn’t work but know this, I believe that once the sperm enters the egg and fertilization takes place, a human is generated and begins the nine-month process of preparing to challenges entry into the outside world. I’m not a novel person in my beliefs, it’s a common one in Asia and in many Native American cultures.

So why is this important today?

I think it has to do with the nomination of a new Associate Supreme Court Justice. Yeah, I know, it’s getting tiring, but it is an important issue because of the absolutely unfair philosophy of the Democrat and Liberal thinkers in our country who have convinced themselves that once a new Conservative justice gets on the bench, Roe v Wade will be overturned. In other words, the Left thinks a Conservative majority on the Supreme Court of the United States of America will automatically act like the Left does; attack and destroy what doesn’t fit their agenda?

As for my opinion of Roe v Wade, it is a lovely idea but if I am not capable of judging an issue on the merits of the facts, then I have to right to vote for or against it. That, to me is what I call justice and fair-play. The Left appears not to be in favor of that concept.

So what then, is my opinion on Roe v Wade; which, in my mind is a generic term for abortion on demand?

I’ll begin by saying, there are exceptions, both legal and psychological, for some abortions. I understand and have applied that to my thinking and position on the subject as medically necessary

My position is, I associate abortion on demand with punishing an innocent for the actions of the careless and negligent.

For me, the passage of Roe v Wade gave carte blanche permission to establish the infanticide factories of Planned Parenthood which became wholesale human parts warehouse dealerships.

My question today is, how is it justifiable to expend money and efforts trying to stop the execution of convicted murders; people who have been proven to have killed mercilessly then turn around and defend the unchallenged, merciless murder of innocent babies?

It does not equate in my mind, nor with my spirit.


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