Monday, Monday, can I trust this day?

Morning world. Despite all reports, and what I saw in my bathroom mirror this morning, I am still alive and perking.

My question for today is:

Do we really need two controlling political parties in our government?

I know, we have others such as the Communists, Liberals, and Socialists, to name a few, but we do not have a strong AMERICAN PARTY.

What we do not have an a totally independent party that will support individual candidates, not full fledged ideologues.

I think we all know there are good people on both sides (get it: both = 2) sides of our political aisle but we are basically being coerced into voting a straight party ticket. Is that really fair to all Americans? I think not.

What I do think is Americans need a better voice and more control of our government. I feel the recent disgraceful activities seen during the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearing speaks well to this fact. 

We need a party that will maintain the Freedoms guaranteed all Americans. A party with very strict rules of membership to prevent outside influence from taking control. 

We don’t need rallies, marches, long speeches or banners, we need facts, logic, and love of country. We need to stay in contact with each other and openly discuss issues as adults, not whimper, cry and whine like children. Sure, we will disagree with each other, but if we maintain open minds and hearts, any disagreement may be just what the doctor ordered to cure our beloved land. 

We don’t need to be defined by Red or Blue, Black, Brown or White, Male or Female. We must be defined by American or Anti-American, Logical or Illogical, Patriot or Traitor. 

But what power would we have to change things? The power of the vote. The power both predominant political parties are trying to buy now.

Only loyal Americans can affect real change in our country. Only honest Americans can win the insane political battles for ourselves, our children, grandchildren, and generations to come.

Please, do not vote the straight party line ticket and continue to destroy America. Pick the candidate you feel will work the hardest for our country, and be ready to bring that person down if they don’t.

Always remember that the Constitution was written for Americans, not for the politicians it was designed to control.

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