Tuesday’s question

I got to thinking the other day about politicians around the world; we could probably populate a fairly large portion of Africa if we moved them all into one location. What can’t do with them, is fill a military cemetery or even a small cemetery dedicated to police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel killed in the line of duty.

We, humans, are an amazing species. We rant and rave about poor representation in our governments, but we do little about it. Oh sure, we campaign, vote and, hopefully, elect the right person for the job, but what we don’t do is thoroughly investigate (vet) our candidates before we get on their campaign wagons.

Now, here comes my problem with all this. Here in America, we are electing Senators, Congressmen/women, and presidents without any thorough vetting process, if we were, we would have known more about John McCain’s treason, Senator Feinstein’s Chinese spy drivers, Al Franken’s history of sexual abuse, Representative Cummings alleged sexual assaults on women, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s bias against President Trump and so many more.

Even when we do our normal vetting, and uncover factual evidence of wrongdoing, do we act? No! More often than not, these allegations are locked away in the vast catacomb of our Congressional buildings, hidden in Draconian vaults to await their resurrection when needed to destroy someone.

My question for the day is: Why, Why do we allow our employees in our Congress in our Capital, get away with crimes that would destroy the average American taxpayer if reported, It makes no sense.

These are the people who make life-changing decisions for all Americans every day of the week, yet there doesn’t appear to be any form of standards or rules they are required to follow; if there are some, they don’t appear to be enforced.

They legislate our lives, yet we have very little recourse for stopping them.

They legislate what law enforcement officers can and cannot do, yet none appear to have been one, nor died while wearing the badge

They legislate what our military can or cannot do, but I can find no records of any one of them having been killed in combat.

Some even disregard common morals and ethics to attain their political goals. Their punishment appears to be automatic immunity.

Who then, must bear the burden of fault for these crimes and more?

You do, I do, all voters do because we do not care enough to say ENOUGH!

We do not demand that existing rules pertaining to the operations of our Congress are strictly followed and infringements suitably punished. Neither do we demand existing rules be updated or replaced by new ones more applicable to our time.

Today, we, the voters who elected them must stand firm and punish the children we elected to represent us. It is long past time to make them grow up and take their jobs seriously before we run out of cemeteries for the real heroes of America.

The mandate of the American people must be:

No one is above the law! If you do the crime, you will do the time!”

Please do not vote the party line tickets. Please elect only the people who will help rebuild America and defend her against the onslaught from foreign and domestic interference.

Demand accountability and a clear path to remove those who refuse to give it.




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