Thursday’s Tears

Today, 10-04-18, will go down in history a day of true Democrat Infamy. It will be remembered for the attempts to continue to discredit an honorable man and is family while maniacally fighting for control of our country.

One very important item all dictators had, and still have, it the power of propaganda via control of information. While the Democrats in America have not gone so far as having conservative reporters arrested yet, YET. They are increasing their attempts to hide information from the “American people” they claim to so proudly serve.

The most recent, and blatant attempt to do this is Senator Feinberg’s attempt to conceal Dr. Ford’s original letter until the perfect moment to reveal it in an effort to stop the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh. (Personally, I think Dr. Ford was working in tandem with the Democrat Party to bring down any nominee.) But that’s not my point, my point is, the disgraceful manipulation of the American voters.

Senator Feinstein was required, by the rules of the Judicial Committee to disclose the original, unredacted (censored) letter from Dr. Ford to all members of Committee, but she chose to not serve the best interests of the American people by not doing so. She didn’t even tell the committee a letter existed until she thought the time perfect. 

Senator Feinstein vehemently denies either she, or any member of her staff leaked the letter, but someone did. While the leaking is a critical issue so is the possibility that she had a specific date she planned to present it to the committee, and someone outsmarted her. 

Now, even before the FBI report has been submitted to the Judiciary Committee, Senator Feinstein is attempting to have it sealed from the public. Again. it’s her way of serving the American people. 

My question is this: If we put the Democrat circus of the hearings aside, and we concentrate on the actions of the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Feinstein; can we find a pattern of deceit and information control? 

Is Senator Feinstein serving the American People, the Democrat Party or is she only serving herself? 

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