What was really lost in the Kavanaugh Hearings?

This morning, I watched an interview with with an American female Senator who was commenting on an article in the “Women’s March”, which is apparently some form of publication I’m not familiar with. This senator was obviously upset about the headline stating something to the effect that  Republicans has elected another “rapist” to the Supreme Court. An obviously very thinly veiled attack  on Justice Clarence  Thomas and soon to be Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

I’m going to shift direction here a little and tell you, no I’m not asking, I’m telling you to read and study the following from the WEX Dictionary of Law.: 
“The Constitution states only one command twice. The Fifth Amendment says to the federal government that no one shall be “deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.” The Fourteenth Amendment, ratified in 1868, uses the same eleven words, called the Due Process Clause, to describe a legal obligation of all states. These words have as their central promise an assurance that all levels of American government must operate within the law (“legality”) and provide fair procedures.”

Do you understand the principle of “due process?” 

Theoretically, the American legal system is based on the central principle of “presumption of innocence.”  

Black’s Law Dictionary defines it as:

“A system that is prevalent in the Commonwealth Nations where a defendant who enters trial is presumed to be innocent of the crime. However, this presumption only holds until the defendant is proven to be guilty of the crime during an investigation. The prosecutor assumes the responsibility of proving the defendant guilty in court. The defendant, however, has no obligation to prove his innocence unless in retaliation to an evidence presented in court.”

In other words, we are guaranteed the right to be innocent until there is substantial factual evidence to prove our guilt presented in a court of law.”

Now, have you figured out what was, and remains missing in the Judge Kavanaugh circus of clowns?

Throughout the hearings, there was the reference to this “not being a trial.” You heard this more often from the left than the right. Oh sure, they tried to pawn it off as a job interview, but I’ve been to many of those in my life and have never once been treated the way Judge Kavanaugh was. Yet, the left kept trying to cover their asses by saying that it was not a trial.

If it was not a trial, then why was Judge Kavanaugh subjected to hours of unprofessional cross-examination, presentation of witness testimony and evidence? Because the left knew that if it was proclaimed a trial, they would be in legal violation of due process; they wanted to remain in ethical violation.

From the very moment Justice Kennedy announced his retirement, the Democrats, at the command of Senator Schumer formulated a battle plan that was based on denying any candidate he did not approve of their right to due process under the laws of our Constitution.

Proclaiming to be acting on behalf of the American people, Senator Schumer and his lackeys (that’s all the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee were) set out to deny the American people their due course in electing a Justice to their Supreme Court. 

Do you see what was lost? 

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