Progressive: Fact or Fiction

In this critical era of American history we hear a word batted around like a Ping-Pong ball at a Chinese tournament; it can be dizzying, it’s a game.

Have our American politicians become Ping-Pong players at our expense?

Before I get deeper into my comments, I want to make something perfectly clear: America is an imperfect country since the time of its conception. Career professional politicians have ruled over it since the first Congress was formed. I do not believe that was the intent of our forefathers, but it happened and it continues to this day. Dynasties in the  American government have been born and allowed to rule over us like liege lords of the past.

My questions are:

What pre-employment screening is required by our Constitution for those wishing to be members of our Federal Government either by election or appointment?

Do we require them to take an entrance exam for general knowledge and skills, a blood test for drugs, a psychological evaluation, a thorough FBI vetting for illegal activities and questionable associations, a financial assessment including tax records, or any other examination that might disclose qualification considerations?  

To the best of my knowledge the answer is NO.

Now, I don’t know about you but I feel that since any political candidate may eventually win a position of power over us in our government, should we have a right to know more about them before we grant them that power?

Have we, the American taxpayers not been too complacent in overseeing our elected employees in our Congress? I think we have; we have stepped back and allowed money and party affiliation to overcome facts and qualifications. We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated by propaganda; negative attacks filled with false information and outright lies in defiance of our Constitution with impunity. 

When one party has so degenerated that its members feel justified in publicly promoting acts of harassment, obstruction, and denial of Free Speech to members of other political parties chaos ensues. The freedoms of all Americans are then challenged by bullying insurrectionists hellbent to create their idea of an ideal society. 

What we are seeing now may have been avoided had we had a better system of pre-evaluation in place before the candidate could become a candidate. 

Today, throughout America, young men and women are being challenged intellectually, psychologically, and legally for important positions such as Police Officers, Doctors, Fire Fighters, Nurses, military personnel, security jobs and so many more positions with less authority over America than members of our Congress. 

Why have we failed ourselves? 

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