Sunday Musings

Haven’t had either the motivation or the actual time to write much this week. Spent a lot of time working on my ideas for a new and unique type of children’s books. However, the need for money is always predominant.

My thoughts for today are this: 

What are we, the voters of the world, allowing our governments to do to us? Have all of our elected officials sold out to ultra-Socialist agendas? 

I cannot speak for any country other than my own, nor would I if I could. However, I can speak to what I see happening here in the US, and it scares me to the point of wanting to stay armed just to go to the grocery store. 

I know, that sounded a bit radical but it seems that we are being subjected to attacks on our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms every day of the week. 

For me, true freedom is the voice of the voter not of the candidate.  But we have entered a era when the voice of the voters can only be heard in the ballots cast. People are actually afraid of physical harm if they share their opinions in public. 

Debate, open and free of fear is the only true way to understand our differences; to accept one another as we truly are and to work out those differences in need of change. 

Name calling, false accusations and even physical threats are not debating, they are immature acts of bullies. Yes, I’m guilty of name calling at times, but I do my research first so that the accusation I may present is valid and verifiable. If I’m wrong, I expect to be corrected and I do apologize like an adult should. Unfortunately for us, our government representatives don’t seem to accept, let alone follow the same philosophy. 

Facts all Americans must remember:

  1. Our government was designed and mandated to serve the people; everyone receiving a government paycheck is an employee of every American.
  2.  Any questions, please see #1.

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