Advertisement: ME

I’ve often been asked: “Exactly what do you do? 

The answer is actually pretty simple; I’m a Freelance Writer and Editor.

Whether it be a simple letter, a resume, an essay or dissertation, my job is to help you put your thoughts and ideas on paper in American English. I have experience working with students and professionals from all over the world helping them to express themselves in the complexity that is our American English language. 

My fees vary by type, complexity, and size of your paper(s).  By taking advantage of the internet; I can work from my home and keep my costs down. That translates to savings for you.

Key factors to remember are:

Lead time – it takes time to do the work, if you need help, send me a copy of your draft outline, along with the due date when requesting a quote. If you are a student, your teacher must provide you with a syllabus and instructions for your writing assignment; include those with your request. Research takes time and details. Example: When citing a book, you must provide the ISBN of the book along with the pages you are referring to. If I have to research it for you, it will cost more. If your citation does not have an ISBN or another publication number, then cite your source in detail. If you do not do this, you risk being challenged for plagiarism.
Questions? Answers cost nothing, give it a try; drop me a note. 

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