Change – Curse of the Self

I’m an avid student of human behavior, not for any class but for myself; to know, understand and accept myself in the hope of being the best me possible. Oh sure, I have quirks and desires that may not fall into any real mainstream regimen, but then that’s me.

What I’ve found very interesting, yet extremely troubling is a growing inability for people to accept that they have faults; even more so, that they are either unwilling to or incapable of appropriately dealing with those faults.

My fault is not my fault it’s your fault for causing my fault because you have more faults than I have, ergo your faults caused my faults because I didn’t have any faults I’d admit to before I met you and your faults now you have forced to me think about my faults which are actually your faults projected onto me.

Now here’s the logical question: “I’m lonely, why can’t I find happiness with anyone? Someone who will love me for me.”

Whoa, did I actually say logical question? My bad, how about a self-motivated logical question? Ya, that fits better.

For me, building a solid and lasting relationship takes cooperation, dedication and a willingness to change. A willingness to sacrifice old habits and misconceptions to open one’s mind to new potentials and understanding of the self and the importance of that self in a union with another.

Changes in a relationship do not work. Changes in people, do. Look beyond the obvious to see that which is within. Remove the mask, to that others might know you.

Unite with the self in peace and harmony before you attempt to unite with another.

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