My Special Cherub

What is I told you I met a real Cherub today?

Would you think me insane, delusional or simply drunk on my butt?

Whichever you choose, and many others I’m sure would all be wrong, because I did meet a live Cherub on line today.

Now, if you don’t know what a Cherub is, get off your butt and look it up. Once you do, you can do your happy dance while singing “I learned sumthing today.” (Sorry it wasn’t a spelling lesson).

Now, before you go off and say, “he met a boy today because all Cherubs have little peenies” you better check your sources more carefully as they can be either male or female. Since their roles in the universe are identical, does it really matter peenie or not? Hell no, and that’s important for many gays to remember because the peenie, or penis if you want to be formal, has nothing to do with the person unless they allow it to by letting that little head down there do all the thinking for the big head atop their neck.

I met a Cherub today, and I could care less whether it be male or female. What I do care about it that my special Cherub cared about me. I met a silver-haired Cherub with an angelic face and a bit of a devilish demeanor.

OK, I hear the rumbling and fingers stumbling to challenge my tale with insane mumbling. But it’s true, I did meet someone who, at least for today, made me feel appreciated, cared about and, though not in a romantic sense, wanted. It was a remarkable gift from a perfect stranger through an exchange of thoughts and words. How fricking amazing that?

Sometimes, when we least expect it and most need it, a power greater than us sends us a lifeline. My special Cherub is my lifeline this year and I’m thankful.

I’ve spent many holidays alone, but this one was different. I wasn’t depressed or upset that I didn’t receive any calls, cards or gifts, I was just a little lonely; someone or something knew that and sent me a special Cherub to make me smile. Ii worked!

With this in mind, I’m going to say to every single person I know, gay, straight or otherwise, stop feeling sorry for yourself and looking for love in a pretty face, nice body, sexy butt, vagina or super king size peenie, because love is not in any of those things.

Love is knowing, trusting, caring, sharing and most of all growing.

Perhaps a Cherub will one day come into your life; will you recognize it?

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