What have we become?

Requirements to become a Senator in the United States Senate.*

The Constitution sets three qualifications for service in the U..S. Senate:

  1. Age (Minimum of thirty years old)

2. U.S. Citizenship (At least nine years)

3. Residency in the state a senator represents at the time of the election.

The details of these qualifications were hammered out by the Constitution’s framers during the Constitutional Convention in 1787. https://www.senate.gov/senators/qualifications_termsofservice.htm

Frankly, I think the framers should have done a lot more hammering on this. For instances, there is no requirement for the ability to read, write or even speak American English. Nothing said about having any form of criminal background or foreign allegiances which are in conflict with the American agenda(s). How about drug tests, tax records or traffic tickets for that matter.

There are no requirements other than the three mentioned, to become a powerful person in our government. No skills, knowledge, experience or other useful training or abilities needed I guess.

Terms or service:

Article I, section 3 of the Constitution requires the Senate to be divided into three classes for purposes of elections. Senators are elected to six-year terms, and every two years the members of one class–approximately one-third of the senators–face election or reelection.

Oath of Office:

The Constitution does not provide an oath of office for members of Congress, but specifies only that they “shall be bound by Oath of Affirmation to support this constitution.” The Oath of Affirmation that one-third of the Senate recites every two years is a product of the 1860s, drafted by Civil War-era members intent on ensnaring traitors. The oath-taking, however, dates back to the First Congress in 1789. The first oath served the Senate for nearly three-quarters of a century. The current oath, in use since 1884, is a milder version of the oath adopted in 1862.

Note: “Inspired by British precedents, delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention set membership requirements for both the House of Representatives and the Senate. These requirements included age, citizenship and residential qualifications. The delegates specifically left out property ownership and religious requirements. While British law of the time banned anyone born outside England, Ireland or Scotland from sitting in Parliament, the newness of the American colonies, and the fact that nearly everyone at the time came from somewhere else, necessitated the looser residential and citizenship limitations for the U.S. Congress.” https://www.reference.com/government-politics/qualifications-becoming-u-s-senator-fa906092922b7ae4

Impressive, right? Here we the criteria for someone to be in control of our country and our future! Makes me shudders, but does explain the presence of some of the current members of our Congress.

Is it any wonder, that the so many of the Democrat monarchists are attacking President Trump for his policies and decisions? My God people, his hair has more qualifications than many Senators and Representatives currently in office. He’s a poker player playing against a table of childish playground bullies, none of which offers any abilities or skills that even come even close to my Algebra skills, and I flunked it.

If we are to survive as an independent nation, we must address and amend our requirements for our potential employees in our Congress. We must outline the skills and abilities needed to bring American back into the realm of a fair and honest sovereign nation independent of foreign interference.

No personal offense to Ms. Ortiz, but the kid at the local Schnuck’s (yep, it’s a family owned market) has more knowledge, experience and savvy that

she would gain in a dozen terms in office. He has powerful tools at his disposal such as his logical thinking, honest dealings and ability to see beyond the BS factor. His H.S. GPA is 4.0 and he can recite the Constitution without making a mistake. Is he qualified to be a leader in our country? I say, more so than Ortiz, Schumer, and Pelosi combined.

We need to amend our Constitution and modernize the requirements we needed to be a member of our Congress. We need term limits, not just to bring in fresh new ideas and leadership, but to increase the level of logic and intellect in our employees aka Senators and Representatives.

We must also define and enact strict rules against fraud committed by potential and actual members of our Congress. Here I speak to those candidates who run for office with one party then switch allegiance to another after being elected. That is fraud, plain and simple.

All candidates must have a working knowledge of our Constitution, Bill of Rights and how our government and be most transparent and productive.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the need for improved paths to the removal of our Congressional employees if needed. There must be established and enforced rules of conduct that, if ignored, will bring down the immediate wrath of the voters via a special committee of voters appointed to hear and judge the accused(s). We must demand an end to the practices of our Congressional employees judging and disciplining themselves; giving themselves raises and perks, and using taxpayer funds to buy themselves out of self-made problems.

We, the American voters and taxpayers must understand that those we elect are our employees, not nobility of a self-made monarchistic agenda.

*Stay tuned for my opinion on the House of Representatives.

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