Thank you for your gift.

Just before Christmas, you left. You finished packing, took the couch and wide screen TV I bought you, and you left. Am I supposed to mourn?

After you were gone, your friend, the one you claim was going to commit suicide if you left, sent me a rather immature, nasty note filled with half-truths and outright lies about why you left. I laughed when I read the part about how you stopped this person from acting against me, because you left! Should I cry and wail because you left?

No, there are no tears to cry, nor recriminations to feel because you left me long ago.

You left me when you decided our home was your hotel room with the full maid service.

You left me when lied to me about going to college while I was working an extra job so you could.

You left me when you started drinking heavily and finding excuses for the damage and lack of maintenance for the three used cars I bought you so you could get to school.

You left me when you cheated and ended up with genital herpes.

You left me when the hundreds of dollars I spent to get you periodontal care so you wouldn’t lose you teeth, was wasted because you were too lazy to follow the dentist’s directions.

You left me when you decided you didn’t have to repay money I loaned you, even after you proclaimed on numerous occasions that you always pay your debts.

You left me when you decided your only responsibilities in our home was to sleep, shower, watch anime and other childish TV shows while making a mess in the kitchen which, of course, I always had to clean up.

You left me when you started coming home drunk, smelling of cigarettes and cheap cigars and, on occasion, your own puke, and wanting someone to cuddle you.

Worst of all, you left me when you refused to communicate without telling me lies.

There is more but it’s no longer of use to talk about them because you will probably never read this; you will simply say, “It was all his fault.”

So I say this, to you, and those like you, thank you for your gift of leaving. It means more and more to me every day to know I tried, and you failed.

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