Democrat Lebensborn Agenda?

Without fail, almost each and everyday, the Democrat monarchists show their true allegiances are not to America; their corruption is endemic.

Yesterday, the Democrats in our Congress blocked passage of a bill designed to save the lives of innocent babies. In essence, they declared that since babies who are strong enough to survive the butcher’s tools of the abortionists, had no right to live.

It made no difference to them that the child may have grown up to be another Marie Curie, John-Paul II, JFK, or MLK. No, it only meant a fighter had to die.

Was it fear of that fighter growing up to be another President Reagan or Trump?

When one adds the other actions of the Democrat monarchists such as

“Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked a bill that would fund veterans’ benefits and military construction, in an effort to push Republicans to negotiate a larger budget deal.”

“They issued press releases praising the bill, but they seem prepared to block the Senate from even debating this bill, too,” he said. “It’s all part of some half-baked Democratic scheme to get more money for the IRS and the Washington bureaucracies.” (Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McCconnell).

Here, I see the Democrat monarchy holding our heroic military veterans hostage for more money to fund their, the Democrat monarchy’s agendas. They are willing to allow our veterans to die on the streets and in the waiting rooms of our VA hospitals to get their way.

If one removes political bias from the scenario and closely examines the apparent agenda being followed, you may see similarities to those of the “great” Socialist leaders such as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and so many others.

If my hypothesis is anywhere near correct, the next step, if not already taken in secret, will be the elimination of the unproductive elderly and disabled people of all ages.

Once this is all completed, what will happen?

I predict the creation of the Democrat Monarchy Lebensborn program; the selective breeding of Democrats to form a more “perfect union.”

It is easy to say, I’m full of shit, but just look at those supporting the Infanticide Agenda. Who are the leaders, who are the breeders and who are the ones declaring who may live and who must die?

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